How To: Turn your Apple Watch into an iPod



Many Apple Watch features, require having an iPhone in proximity, such as getting notifications or answering calls on your wrist. The good news is, the Watch can still function as an independent device in a number of ways.

For example, you can store music on your iWatch and listen to it, as long as you have (or plan to buy) a pair of Bluetooth headphones or speakers – making the gadget a perfect replacement for the iPod, and much more comfortable to use while you’re on the go.

Add music on the Watch

The first thing you need to do, is add some music to your Watch. The device has a total of 8GB of storage, and you can store up to 2GB of music on it. Start by launching the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then open the Music app.

Apple Watch iPhone app

Things get a bit tricky here: You need to take the 2GB music storage limitation into account, and you can do that with the Playlist Limit option – it lets you establish a limit based on the total number of songs or storage capacity. In this case, the latter option is recommended, since it’s much more accurate and does all the math for you.

Once you’ve set the 2GB storage limit you have two alternatives at your disposal. The first is to select an existing playlist to sync on your Watch, but you should know if it’s larger than the set limit some songs will not be synced.

The second option is to create a playlist specifically for the Watch, using the Playlist Limit option. You can also make multiple playlists and sync a different one every once in a while, since the Watch limits music storage and you might get bored by listening to the same songs at some point. The sync can last for quite a while so it’s best to keep the Watch charging during the process and choose a time you don’t need to use it.

Connect your Watch with Bluetooth headphones

There’s no headphone jack on the Watch, which is why you absolutely need Bluetooth headphones or speaker to listen music from your wrist. Connecting your Bluetooth headphones to the Watch is easy.

Place the headphones in pairing mode and on your Watch, open the Settings app. The device should detect your headphones – if so, simply select them and you’re good to go.

Setup the music source

Assuming your headphones are connected, and the sync process for the music is complete, there’s one more thing you need to so, in order to listen music from your wrist.

Apple Watch Music Source

On your Watch, tap and hold the Music app to open additional options. Set the Source as Apple Watch and you’ll be able to see and listen songs from your synced playlist.

Are you listening to music from your Apple Watch or you still prefer using the iPod instead?

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