How To: Turn Your iPhone into a Weapon


Turn your iPhone into a weapon by using some of these powerful peripherals.

Gun control in the U.S. is a vibrant subject raising moral questions and issues of personal security against rising crime. Many states passed the conceal-carry amendments, which restrict the citizens in their weapon liberties significantly.

There is, however, an alternative to traditional weapons, and that is your iPhone. There is no doubt Apple has made iPhone more than just a smartphone with powerful apps and games. iPhone boasts of the largest arsenal of accessories and peripherals users can buy to extend their iPhone functionality: water and cold-proof cases that extend battery life up to 60%, camera tripods and lens to enhance iPhone in-built cameras, fancy cases and covers, peripherals that turn your device into a gaming slot, and much, much more.

A professional killer would know a dozen ways to kill his prey as he enters the room unarmed. You do not need to be a professional killer to have a safety tool that can save you from an assault, school yard bullying or a street robbery.


It is not a weapon in itself, but rather a self-protection tool, or as advertised by the manufacturer “the ultimate tool to secure phone to your hand.” To some extent, it does look a bit like a phone handle, which allows you to pick up the phone with one finger only, or hang your iPhone on hooks for clothing. It does the job of securing the phone in your hand, too.

Nevertheless, it does look like a stiletto, too. Designed and manufactured by a U.S.-based engineer, each Knucklecase is made of a solid aluminum block, which adds a significant amount of venom the punch.

Knucklecase terms of service state the accessory is designed for use as a handle only, and that any other implementation of the merchandise waives the warranty for the product. Also, keep in mind that airport security confiscates the Knucklecases before you land the plane, so it may be a good idea to put it in your check-in luggage. However, this may come as an annoying necessity if you travel frequently.

In contrast with the aluminum case, which weighs solidly, the silver case seems too lightweight to be able to do some serious damage to the assaulter. The fashionistas, however, will appreciate the finely engraved brand name on the silver knuckle.
Other than the great looks and convenience of holding your iPhone firmly in your hand, Knucklecase leaves all ports conveniently open while the frame is smooth, which means your phone will be in direct contact with the surface you put it on.

You can ease the phone in and out of the case with the help of a strip of spongy foam, and the process is quite simple. Despite being a fancy accessory, it may serve you good on a rare occasion; who knows.

Being the quality product, Knucklecase costs from $40 to $125, with iPhone 4 cases being the cheapest while iPhone 5 and 5c cost at least $99. iPhone 4 cases come is a variety of colors: Hot Pink, Green Camo and Ballistic Black, or Classic Silver and Warm Gold. The 5c cases come in Moonshine, black, gold and silver.

Yellow Jacket

This is the heavy artillery for your smartphone, and it is a full-fledged stun gun capable of giving a serious 650.000 volts to either charge your iPhone, or send an offender into an electrified knockout. Because this is a serious product, not some fancy golf or I Heart Kitty case, the product comes with extensive instructions on how it is assembled, and multiple precautions and restrictions on how it should and should not be used.

The manufacturer website features extensive video tutorials, as well as a list of cities and states that made the case illegal. In addition, the Yellow Jacket comes with two safety precautions by default. First of all, to activate the stun gun as a weapon, you must flip down the pongs cover first, then press the switch and only then press the button to deploy.

Make sure you do not test this out in highly congested public places, like your office. The device makes quite a loud electric noise and emanates ozone in its immediate vicinity.
The Yellow Jacket case itself is a substantial extra weight to your iPhone. Made of solid durable PC and ABS plastic, it features a hex-grip on the back and is assembled of two pieces. The case sports LED indicators and a switch, which allows you to direct the discharge to charge your iPhone instead of shooting a stun gun.

iPhone 4 and 4s cases come in white, black, yellow, pink and red and come at $99. We are expecting the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases to be available any time soon, too.

Assembling the case around your iPhone is not an easy endeavor and may take you several tries before you adjust the device into both sides of the case under a specific angle. It is a very tight fit and requires patience and a certain amount of physical strength. Once adjusted, the overall weight of your device and the case feels quite heavy since the case weighs 4.6 ounces, almost like iPhone itself.

The implications of having an actual stun gun in your purse are simple: you have an extra layer of personal protection tools if a date goes wrong. On the other hand, you will have to carry the phone in your hand to be able to use the stun gun, which few users do frequently.

The weight becomes habitual when you carry the device every day, and the next time you disassemble the device to carry without a case, or change it to something more a-la mode, you will feel like you’ve undressed your device.

In addition, the possibility to charge the iPhone’s battery comes very handy at times of need, and this is very easy to get used to. It takes about an hour to charge your device using the Yellow Jacket case. Be aware that there is no way security is going to let you take this thing aboard if you need to travel.


It may not be a perfect fit for daily use as it requires a large pocket to fit into, but it is a must-have case long nights out. Ladies carrying large handbags will find it easy to accommodate the heavy iPhone, but guys carrying no suitcases or backpacks will be unable to fit it in their pockets.


A pepper spray makes your iPhone an extremely venomous weapon. This may be the best solution since it is powerful as a weapon, lightweight as an accessory and easy to assemble and use. In addition, folks who do not know what it is, may easily confuse it with an extra charger or some other fashion accessory, especially if you have it in pink.

This simple case holds a canister of quick release pepper spray, so all you have to do is pop the canister from the case, aim at the assaulter, spray the liquid and run.


The stream of pepper liquid is sprayed by a coaxial nozzle along a center line in 6.5-second bursts. It reaches as far as 5 feet and emanates 10% Oleoresin Capsicum, irritating eyes, respiratory system and skin. It is perfect and ultra-easy to use. Besides, you do not need to carry your iPhone in your hand to discharge the canister. If you need to walk along a dark alley, just take out the canister and hold it in your hand conveniently, as you make your way to safety.

Likewise, the canister does not look like anything malicious, so your attacker might not immediately recognize danger in your device if you can talk your way to the SmartGuard.

The canister itself pops in and out of the case easily; the safety tab does not allow it to discharge accidentally. In fact, the canister pops in and out too smoothly, so it feels like at some time in the future, when you have popped it in and out many times, the mechanism may become loose. However, there are no user complaints about that happening, so, let us assume our worries are ephemeral.

The case is made of two plastic parts: the back holding the pepper canister and sports holes for iPhone ports, and the front securing the back in a fixed position. The canister holster keeps your device raised above the surface.

Like any regular pepper spray, SmartGuard comes with plenty of disclaimers: you cannot use the spray for any purpose other than self-defense, or carry it on airplanes.

Pixeion Self Defense Series feature a $35 case available on SabreRed website and comes in white, pink and black colors. Even though you can carry a regular pepper spray in your handbag, having one this handy may come as a winner for many.