Twitter introduces daily summaries feature ‘Highlights’ on Android


Twitter Highlights

Keeping up with everything on Twitter is very frustrating. For one reason or the other, I honestly never managed to truly familiarize myself with all of it and I constantly miss important tweets that come up during the day. I guess Twitter knows this happens to a lot of people because the company has just announced a new “Highlights” feature for Android devices that will provide you with a summary of the most important and popular tweets of the day.

Twitter uses all kinds of data in order to determine what tweets to show you like what is popular among the people you follow, what events are trending in your area and what other people close to you are tweeting about. Since I am sure a lot of people will find more push notifications to be more of an annoyance than a convenience, Twitter has made this feature optional, meaning you will have to enable it in your Settings in order to get the Highlights twice per day.

Highlights open up in their own interface which can be navigated via swipe gestures which should make it feel less complex than usual. And while the social network usually pushes out updates of this kind to iOS first, it has decided to only release Highlights on Android for the time being with more platforms coming in the near future.

As always, the Twitter app is available in the Play Store free of charge.