Twitter is rolling out new direct messaging features for everyone


Twitter Direct Messaging

While most people use Twitter for quick messages that they want to share with the world, some of us would like the option to privately message someone and express our elegant opinions in a more personal manner. Thankfully for us, the social network has heard our collective cries and is now rolling out a bunch of direct messaging features to both its mobile clients and the web.

First of all, a new setting will now allow you to receive direct messages from anyone on Twitter, even if you do not follow them. Since I am sure that direct messaging will bring a new wave of trolls and spammers, having the option to block them instantly is a godsend. The updated messaging rules will also allow you to reply to anyone that sends you a DM, regardless of following status.

Twitter New Message

Finally, a new DM button will be present on profile pages on both the Android and iOS clients. You will only be able to see this on the profiles of people you can actually message so if you are not following them and they have blocked incoming messages, you are out of luck.

Though Twitter announced the new feature today, it did not specify whether the changes would be enabled from the side of the server of the client so I am not sure if you have to update your app. There is no update present on either app store right now so check your Twitter or head over to iTunes and Google Play for more.