Txtter is a new messaging app with a focus on photos


Txtter Messages

The market for messaging apps, regardless of what features they bring to the table, is a hard one to get into. Since most such apps require you to create a service-specific account, their success or failure largely relies upon the initial reception by their audience.

Regardless of all that, two University of Manchester graduates (Jay Amlesh and Serag Gazal) have created a new app dubbed Txtter, a messaging service that borrows some features from popular social media platforms. First of all, let us take a look at the accounts system. In order to simultaneously battle fake accounts and protect anonymity, the duo has created a sign up process that includes verifying via your mobile number and then choosing a username. This certifies that you actually exist but then you can share your account name and not your number like in apps such as WhatsApp.

Another feature that the team hopes users will appreciate is photo sharing through your profile in an Instagram-like view. Users can share photos and “heart” those of friends and family. Commenting is not available and will likely stay that way so that users can feel more comfortable sharing their pictures.

Txtter Profile

The app, currently in beta and only available for iOS, has ready been downloaded a few thousand times. The duo seems very optimistic so far and if more users join, they will have plenty of reasons to be. If you are interested as well, head over to iTunes and get it for yourself today.