Unlockr For iPhone [Jailbreak]



Users opt in for jailbreaking mainly because of the powerful customization freedom it provides, and if there is one customization area where people normally do all sorts of wonderful and crazy tweaks, it has got to be the iOS lock screen. Unlockr is a lock screen customization tool bound to keep you intrigued.

Many lock screen customizations focus on adding features to your lock screen: apps notifications, text messages and the like. However, Unlockr takes a different approach appealing to the security-minded folks. Instead of giving you access to a lot of information at your fingertips without having to unlock the screen, Unlockr is about privacy and security.
The default method of iPhone unlocking is swiping to unlock and entering your PIN code – this is what most of the smartphone users do, irrespective of the device they own. Unlockr makes PIN and swiping obsolete, adding a new layer of protection to your device.

You might think it has to be something difficult, but the truth is unlocking process is quite simple with Unlockr. The new button at the bottom of the lock screen, when tapped, reveals four tappable quadrants, which represent your new PIN entry system. You can tap on each quadrant as many times as you like as you set the pattern. From now on, every time you need to activate your device, you will need to recreate that pattern. You only have a limited number of tries to reactivate to unlock the phone.

It is worth mentioning that Unlockr is incompatible with Touch ID, so in case you want to use it, you will have to disable Touch ID first, and only then try the tweak out. The app costs $1.99 on Cydia and is available under the BigBoss repository.