How To: Use Samsung Switch


Samsung Switch

Migrating to a new mobile device can be a really frustrating experience, though things are unquestionable better than before. As far as Android is concerned, users have varying experiences depending on their manufacturer. Using an Android device with a Google account and all the relevant backup settings enabled means that you can easily transfer things like contacts and personal data but there are still items you have to leave behind or move over using other means. Samsung users have an additional option with Smart Switch which we will talk about extensively here.

Samsung Smart Switch explained

Samsung Switch Send Content

This service takes a more traditional approach as opposed to the modern cloud standards. It is built into the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices and allows you to transfer almost everything from your previous devices as well as move stuff from Samsung’s devices to other phones. This includes iPhones although it works a bit differently for Apple’s devices. Smart Switch actually offers a wide variety of options for transferring data including connecting the two devices via a micro USB cable or importing data from iTunes in the case of iOS devices.

Moving data from an Android device to a Samsung phone

Before we continue, it is a good idea to decide which method you would like to use. Moving items from an old Android device to a new one can be done both via a wireless connection and an SD card but the choice has to be made in the beginning so try and get everything ready before you continue.

Samsung Switch Select Device

Note that apps will not be transferred with Smart Switch. Instead, a list of apps from our old device will be copied so that you can quickly go to the Paly Store and download the apps once again.

  1. Get the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app in both your devices. On Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, users should automatically get a link to the application after the initial setup process.
  2. Run the app and accept the terms and conditions by marking the appropriate box and tapping on “Next’.
  3. Select “Samsung Device” as the receiving device depending on how you will move your data and tap on Start.
  4. Go to your new Samsung device and open Smart Switch.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions again and select “Android Device”.
  6. Set your new device as the “Receiving device”.
  7. Tap on the Connect button in order to pair your two devices.
  8. The displayed PIN code should be the same for both devices so check that first before doing anything else. The connection should be established automatically but it if takes too long, turn up the volume on both handsets. Samsung’s Switch uses audio waves to match and pair the devices so you should also be in a quiet room while you are doing this.
  9. Once the connection has been established, select the items that you want to transfer to your new device by ticking their respective boxes.
  10. Press Send when you are ready.
  11. Go to your new device and confirm the transfer by tapping on the “Receive” button.
  12. Wait patiently until the data transfer is complete. Tap on the “Finish” button and you are done.

Alternatively, choose the “SD Card” option on Step 3 and then select the “Back up” option from the next page. Choose the items you want to move, tap on “Back up” and simply transfer your SD card to your new device when the process is done.

Moving data from an iOS device to a Samsung phone

As the transfer in this case will be done between two completely different operating systems, the process is also quite different. Samsung Switch cannot just grab whatever you have on your iOS device using the same method because any files transferred this way would not work on Android. Instead, Samsung Switch offers 3 different ways of transferring you content: a micro USB connector, an iCloud backup or a desktop computer and iTunes.

Samsung Switch iOS

Regardless of your chosen method, you will need to disable iMessage before completing the transfer. This is to ensure that text messages will continue to arrive on your Samsung device, otherwise any messages sent by iPhone users will be blocked as they will attempt to go through iMessage in an endless loop. Apple has a dedicated support page that you can use to de-register your phone number from iMessage too.

Micro USB connector

  1. Connect the two devices with the micro USB cable.
  2. Install the Smart Switch app in your Samsung device.
  3. Run the app and select “iOS device” as your old device and tap on the “Start” button.
  4. Go to your iOS device and select the “Trust” option.
  5. Your Samsung phone will ask you which app you want to use for the USB device. Tap on the Smart Switch app and select the “Just once” option to continue.
  6. Select the “Import from iOS device” option.
  7. Wait until the two devices are connected and tap on the “Search for content” button. This may take up to 15 minutes so wait patiently until it completes.
  8. Choose the content you wish to move. Smart Switch will also search the Play Store for the same or similar apps as the ones you have installed in your iPhone. Their installation is completely optional so feel free to skip it if you want a fresh start app-wise.
  9. Once you are done, tap on the Import button and the data transfer will be initiated. When it is over, tap on the “Done” button.


  1. Make sure that you have an iCloud backup ready.
  2. Run the Smart Switch app in your Samsung device.
  3. Select “iOS device” and tap on Start.
  4. Select the “Import from iCloud” option.
  5. Enter your Apple ID credentials in their respective fields and tap on “Sign in”.
  6. You should get a list of iCloud backups as they appear on your account. Select the phone you want to transfer the data from to continue.
  7. The next screen will let you select basic information to transfer like contacts, Wi-Fi data, your Calendar and more. Select whatever you want and tap on the “Import” button.
  8. When the transfer of basic data is over, you will also be asked whether you want to transfer larger files or not. Choose whatever you want and tap on the appropriate buttons at the bottom to continue and finish the process.


  1. Have an iOS backup ready on iTunes.
  2. Download Smart Switch for Windows or OS X.
  3. Launch Smart Switch on your computer, agree to the EULA and connect your Samsung device.
  4. Wait until your device is connected and then choose the name of your old device.
  5. Select the backup you want from the list. Click on “Locate Another Backup File” if you cannot find what you are looking for immediately.
  6. Choose the content you want to transfer and click on the “Start transfer” button.
  7. Wait until the process is complete and feel free to close any remaining open windows.