Video Preview for Agents of Storm on iOS


Games like Clash of Clans are becoming more popular than ever recently, and because of this a lot of reputable developers are giving the genre a shot. In particular, Remedy Entertainment is going to be releasing a game called Agents of Storm, which will feature a similar combat system to CoC. Agents of Storm will be an air and water combat based game, so players will manage various types of aircraft, boats, and assets to improve their base. One thing that’s different about this game, is that you don’t actually design your base as you would in other games, but instead you will be taking over islands in order to collect resources.

Not too much information is currently available about Agents of Storm, but the latest we’ve heard in regards to a release date was that they were shooting for a February release. We’re already almost done with January and there’s no set release date, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see this game get pushed back to March or even April. Fortunately, there’s a 11 and 1/2 minute video available on Pocket Gamer that will give you a pretty good look at the game, how it will be played, and what it has to offer. Check out the video here:


If you watch the video, you’ll notice the combat is actually mixed with some Tower Defense style mechanics, because your vehicles will actually move following a designated path. As they progress, they’ll battle any enemy artillery along the way, as they make their way towards some harvest-able resources. It’s nice to see that Remedy Entertainment is at least switching things up a bit, and not just following the exact same format so many games are copying. Obviously we won’t know until the game has been released, but it could definitely be a successful outcome for Agents of Storm.

Wondering who Remedy Entertainment is? You might already know, if you’ve played Max Payne or Alan Wake, because they worked on those games as well. Also, if you happen to live in New Zealand, you can actually play Agents of Storm now as it has already been released in that country. Are you excited for the release of this game? Or are you tired of seeing this same format of building a base and training troops to battle enemies — even if there is some innovation between titles. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.