Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 Now Available On iOS



Telltale games has finally released the first installment in the Walking Dead Game: Season 2, Episode 1 ~ All That Remains

After several episodes in season one and a special DLC called 400 days, Telltale games has finally released Season Two to the wildly popular game series The Walking Dead. This new season will pick up right after season one’s DLC 400 Days, and your decisions made in season one will effect the story in season 2. Because of the multiple choice gameplay, Telltale strongly advises people to play through the first season before starting your journey with Season Two. The new season will be packed with new characters, new plot lines, and further development of any remaining characters from season one.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Walking Dead series, it’s a hit show by AMC about a group of survivors battling through every day life in a zombie apocalypse. The show has been praised for it’s well designed plots and interesting character development, one that you can never be too sure who is going to be alive in the next episode. The Telltale games do well to live up to the high standards of the extremely successful television show. The game does has its own plot with its own main characters, though you do see cameos from characters on the television show and will occasionally visit landmarks from the show as well.

The game is played out in the form of a story with quick-time events and multiple choice decisions. Almost everything that you do in the game will make some type of change to the outcome of the story, whether it’s taking a different path to collect resources or something more severe like a main character dying or surviving. I can honestly say from experience that each of the choices you make do have a meaningful impact, so when Telltale suggests that you play through Season One first, it isn’t just for them to make more sales (Though I’m sure that’s part of it). You can certainly start off on season two with a set of predetermined past outcomes, but your experience with the game will drastically lack, that of which it would be if you had played through season one.

Even though The Walking Dead is a story game, it still provides plenty of violence, zombies, and intense moments in gameplay. There will be times where you’ll need to scavenge an area to investigate a scene or collect supplies, and other times where you’ll be frantically trying to complete a series of quick-time like actions to survive, like trying to nervously load a shotgun shell into your weapon while approaching zombies (Which are called walkers in the series) try rip your character into pieces.

Telltale has said that the other four episodes of Season Two will be released in 2014, and that they plan to release each episode between four and six weeks apart. Bases on that information, we can probably expect to see Episode Two of Season Two between February and March of 2014. It’s currently available on PC, Mac, PS3, and iOS platforms, and considering that season one has yet to appear on android, I wouldn’t hold your breathe as a android user.

You can purchase Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 on the iOS App Store for $4.99. It’s designed for all iOS devices with 6.0 or later, though I have seen a fair amount of reviews on the App Store about the game not working on older devices. Keep in mind, it’s hard to trust some of those reviews as we have no idea what that user has done to their device. If you haven’t played through Season One yet, you can download the first episode for free, which is a great way to give the game a try.

Download: Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 on the App Store
Download: Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1 on the App Store

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