WeMesh for iOS lets you and your friends watch videos and chat together in real time


WeMesh Video Chat 1

Watching videos with your friends in real time is nothing new as both Hangouts and other apps like Rounds have supported the feature, albeit on YouTube only. A new app called WeMesh for iOS devices wants to be the world’s first dedicated co-op video watching app with several more features to round up the experience.

WeMesh Invite Contacts

In its current state, WeMesh only supports videos from YouTube but the team plans to add Facebook videos soon and then additional video services such as Vimeo and even clips from your phone’s storage sometime in the future. The even wider plan is to include premium video services which would make WeMesh the best possible solution for friends that constantly share videos with each other and would like to share a more intimate experience.


The way the app works is simple enough. You pick a video, share it with a friend and WeMesh automatically syncs the video on both sides down to milliseconds. You can then chat with text or voice while watching the video and share your thoughts as it goes along. Even if one of your connections is less than ideal, the app will automatically sync the video at whatever point the first user is current on so you can simply pause and wait for your friends to connect. And when the first video ends, users can vote on the next one so that both parties are satisfied.

WeMesh Video CHat 2

WeMesh focuses entirely on the social experience which means anything from a couple of friends to the general public. Users can set the videos to private, semi-public (which means sharing with those nearby) or just public which means anyone can join in. The later feature has the most potential but the app does not really care how you use it so you can simply keep things private forever without running into any trouble as many users will just want to watch videos with their friends without other people spoiling the fun.

WeMesh Talk In Realtime

The app is one of those concepts that seems entirely obvious as I am sure many of us have shared a video with a friend while watching it at the same time and chatting on an external platform. WeMesh has the potential to keep users for prolonged periods of time and since the syncing tech is already superb, all the developers have to do now is add more services to the list of video providers. It is a truly neat app and seeing as how it is free, convincing your friends to try it out will be easier than usual.