WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets new, mysterious update


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WhatsApp is just as popular on Windows Phone as it is on the rest of the mobile ecosystems and today the app has been updated to version 2.11.670.0. There is no changelog available so the update cannot be classified as ‘major’ – you won’t be seeing any new features or layout changes.

It is believed the latest WhatsApp version is trying to fix some problems the app has been having with WhatsApp Web. It looks like for some users WhatsApp Web is randomly having delays of a few seconds and for others the connection between the web service and the phone sometimes drops for no apparent reason.

For now, it remains unclear if the update has fixed these problems, but there’s a more pressing issue the app has been having for a long time: depending on usage of course, WhatsApp can end up consuming up to 50% battery and even more, completely unrelated to the current version of the OS or the device model. Looking at user feedback and the changelog for the previous update, it’s likely WhatsApp has been working to reduce battery usage for quite some time.

However, we don’t know if the latest update does anything, in terms of battery performance. Truth be told, the Android app is far superior to its Windows Phone counterpart which is in great need of a major update to add useful features such as audio file sharing and fix various annoyances.

Until then, all we can do is update WhatsApp to the latest version and see if there are any noticeable improvements.

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