Windows 10 for phones ‘borrows’ several features from rival platforms


Making an OS unique is just as important as offering features users are already getting from the competition. A wealth of information on Windows 10 has been revealed during the WinHEC event and several features planned for implementation that are already being offered by rivals have been presented.

Microsoft intends to equip Windows 10 for phones with independent Flash control, 4K video capture and optimized zooming option and face detection for video capture. They’re also working to add an HDR mode for videos and extended variable photo sequence.

Furthermore, Redmond is planning to support variable frame rates that will let users shoot slow motion videos – a feature iPhone users have been able to enjoy since last year. They also want to add the option to take photos with a square aspect ratio, which apparently are much appreciated by those who post often on social networks such as Instagram.

BlackBerry’s Q10 and Passport have launched with support for square photos and for the latter device this is the default option. Anyone that’s used an Android or iOS phone and a Windows Phone as well knows there are many more features Microsoft needs to add to the upcoming Windows 10 besides the ones we already know. Thankfully, the company has shown it pays attention to the opinion of their users and even used a few elements from a concept UI created by an independent designer.

All of the above mentioned features are not implemented yet as Microsoft is still working on them. I’m sure the company is going to announce support for more features currently available on rival platforms as we get closer to Win10’s official launch.

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