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Yahoo Esports is a brand new Android app that brings the contents of the Yahoo Esports digital magazine to mobile devices. Despite the fact that Yahoo is shutting down many of its digital magazines, like Yahoo Real Estate, Yahoo Parenting, Yahoo Food, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Makers, Yahoo Autos, and Yahoo Travel, the Esports direction is considered to have a big future. Already, several tech giants are competing in the industry, with Amazon and Twitch, Google and YouTube Gaming, and ESPN that recently launched a section covering esports.

Yahoo Esports gets its content generated by some of the high-profile editors you probably know from Kotaku, IGN, GameSport, GameStop TV and others – Travis Gafford, Dylan Walker, Andrea Rene, and Michael Martin.

When the website launched in March, it focused on several major games – Dota 2, League of Legends, Street Fighter V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm. Even though some time has passed since launch, the new mobile app currently has just those, but according to Yahoo, more titles will be added over time.

The app itself looks neat, although not without a flaw. Let us see what it offers. You get real-time tournament streaming, complete with timely notifications, so you don’t miss anything important. You can also watch past events, read breaking news and highlights, and keep track of league scores. You have the schedule of the tournaments, plenty of interviews and articles, comments and the ability to comment (you will need to log in with your Yahoo account, of course).

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Yahoo Esports editors give expert commentary, interview important folks in the world of esports, and analyze tournaments, strategy and live scores. Everything important, currently covering the five mentioned titles, is in the app.

On the down side, the app works in the portrait mode only, not even a reverse portrait, and considering there are plenty of videos, it’s a little inconvenient. What I did not like one little bit is you can not zoom in the articles, and the font is so small it hurt my eyes. Not everyone enjoys small fonts. Performance-wise, the app acts a bit odd. It crashed right off the bat when I first installed it, and then it froze my Touch Wiz, so I had to restart. However, the app is new, and we expect the developers at Yahoo to listen to the user feedback and iron out those minor rough edges while the editors are hard at work bringing you the best of esports coverage. More titles are hopefully coming.

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The Good

Great design
Excellent coverage of the existing titles, great editors
Seamless streaming
Scores, analysis and an overall great coverage of the tournaments
Push notifications
Great potential

The Bad

No zoom in option for articles
Notifications might skip a beat

yahoo esportsYahoo Esports

Developer: Yahoo
Download from Google Play

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a great app for the fans of esports, although if you are watching a game that’s not on the list of the tournaments currently covered by Yahoo, you might just check it out for the sake of experience. It looks good, is useful and fun, and has plenty of potential. Minor technical hiccups are understandable at the early stage. Try it.