YouTube Go app will let you save and watch videos offline



In many parts of the world, data connections are slow and/or unreliable, making a simple activity like watching YouTube videos quite frustrating. Google is working on a new app called YouTube Go optimized for offline usage to solve this problem.

Compared to the regular YouTube app, this one will have a simplified interface and besides the home feed with personal recommendations and trending and popular videos, it will allow you to preview videos before watching them.

Furthermore, YouTube Go will let users select the resolution for saving or streaming videos, as well as provide an estimate of the amount of data you’ll be using based on your selection.

Another interesting feature of the app is it makes it possible to share videos with nearby users without internet connection.

This whole project started when Johanna Wright, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, traveled in India and noticed the poor data connections and lower-end devices people are typically using there have a significant negative impact on the entire YouTube experience. Johanna Wright and her team visited 15 cities in India, testing prototypes and gathering feedback from people to build the YouTube Go app.

It looks like YouTube Go will roll out gradually over the next few months so there is no official launch date like with most apps. However, you can sign up here to stay up to date and find out when it becomes available.

YouTube Go is certainly an interesting project that will be appreciated by numerous users who don’t benefit from a reliable data connection and/or a powerful Android device that could support a smooth YouTube experience. The new app will reduce some painful issues, like slow video loading times and high data usage.

What’s your take on YouTube Go and do you consider it as a viable alternative to the regular YouTube app?

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