10 Awesome Sports Games For Android

Sports are an important part of our lives because we are social animals; we need to unload tons of negative energy, and there is no better way of doing that than a round of soccer with your friends. While many of us are passionate about sports, other people are equally passionate about the virtual sports and nothing stops you from being passionate about them both. Google Play is abundant in sports games that are perfect for both smartphones and tablets with larger screens. Check out this list of sports games that cover soccer, golf, pool, bowling, basketball, skating, tennis, skiing and boxing.

Real Football 2013

Real Football

This one is for the European football fans, and if you are one of them, you’re sure to go crazy with this game. Real Football 2014 is one of the best soccer simulations presented on Android market. You have to control your team and develop your club, and there are plenty of modes and championships that challenge your strategic thinking, but as you progress you realize there’s no better soccer game. The game is free, and it offers impressive visuals while the recent update has brought a whole new set of moves. The game is immersive and allows you evolve and reinforce your team by hiring new members, dealing with sponsors and winning championships. You must lead your club to the top of the crop and participate in the leak or cup games.

You start off as a rookie team, and you need to improve each of your players’ capabilities, so that you can eventually reach the top league and compete against world’s best teams.

The game is extremely realistic with more than 3000 top European and international champions you can employ in your team, thanks to the official FIFA Pro license.

Besides the soccer itself, you get to develop your clubs’ facilities and train your players to help them stay in shape and increase their physical and technical skills. You can earn money and expand your Stadium, fill it with shops, restaurants and big-name sponsors.

Amazing graphics create an extremely addictive and immersive game featuring more than 700 motion capture animations and the TV-like experience. Overall, it’s a spectacular game, and you will feel like you’re watching real sports events. Real Football 2013 is completely free, and if you love soccer, you will love this game.

FiFA 14

By EA Sports

fifa 14

Another perfect time killer for soccer fans, FIFA 14 features real players, teams and leagues and is by far one of the most authentic soccer games for smartphones and tablets running Android. Extremely sensitive and responsive touch controls make it very easy to control your players and literally feel every pass and shot they make. Superior graphics combined with tons of the real soccer players; teams and leagues create an extremely immersive experience for the passionate soccer fans.

33 leagues, 600 licensed teams and over 16,000 players are packed into this beautifully rendered simulator. You get to play whatever you like starting with the English Premier league or the German Bundesliga up to the world championship. 34 authentic stadiums hosting some of the world most important soccer events accompanied by international sports commentators create a genuinely authentic experience. You can earn points, in this case, gold, and trade or buy FIFA players to compile your own dream team; choose your play style, kits and formations; compete against rivals to earn gold and spend it on new players or new items to improve your team. You can play for free or use in-app purchases to skip some learning curve.

Touch controls are extremely intuitive, and you can point to control your players all over the field while a fantastic soundtrack featuring the trendiest artists like Empire of the Sun and the Vampire Weekend create a truly epic experience.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

SEGA of America

virtua tennis

This is one of the leading tennis game franchises with stunning visuals and highly realistic gameplay. You get to compete against world leading players on 18 real stadiums all over the globe. Slice and hit your best spin as you build your experience by playing against rivals that match your style, and unleash a super shot that will make your opponent weep. The game is abundant in modes and realistic courts; touch and gesture controls support virtual pad, arcade, swipe and gamepad input methods. You can choose to compete on grass, clay, hard and indoor courts in double and single matches. There are five different modes that include SPT world tour, an exhibition match, multiplayer, quick match mode and training mode. You can pick a highly customizable character and evolve it through training all around the globe – earn money as you progress and buy your way into tournaments. In addition, the game supports multiplayer over Bluetooth.

Real Boxing

Vivid Games S.A.

real boxing

Real Boxing is the best game ever that scored the first place in more than 50 countries. Be prepared to be wowed by an astonishingly good-looking graphics, and smooth performance that offers realistic gameplay you could only hope for in a mobile game. It is a strikingly beautiful and lifelike boxing game that looks too good to be true, and so this is number one app to grab on Google Play if you’re a fan of real kick-ass boxing.

Real Boxing brings exhilarating fighting featuring extremely genuine motion capture brought to you by real boxers and amazing graphics from the Unreal Engine. In fact, the game is so realistic, you will start sweating as you jab, hook and uppercut. The game has a tremendously detailed multiplayer mode, allowing you to fight against other gamers all over the world in real time, and compete for the best places it on the global leader boards.

The game is compatible with the Wikipad tablet controller combo.

3D graphics and sounds are powerful and create amazing levels of the atmosphere, so you will be able to feel the sweat and blood on your hands and face. The surrounding crowds go literally crazy as you punch your opponents across multiple arenas including New York, London, Las Vegas and Moscow. The career mode features over 35 levels and three belts to conquer; so train your boxer through the sets of mini games and unlock new equipment and customized clothing to create your fighter’s unique appearance – skin color, hairstyle, tattoos and clothing. Not only you get to box as a pro, but you also get to look awesome and impress cheering crowds like the real champions do.

Super Ski Jump

By Vivid Games

super sky jump

With the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi just finished, you may want to feel that chilling wind in your face as you accelerate down the snowy run at dangerously high speeds. Fight with the wind and ice to keep your balance as you take flight or land trying to beat the world best ski jumpers.

The game is super realistic and vibrant and features multiple tournaments, world cups and custom events at 20 real ski jumping venues. You get to choose different touch screen and tilt controls as you dive head over heels in the snow in this realistic and invigorating gameplay. Guide your skier down the slope taking care to guess the best timing for the fly, and train to jump with style and grace.

The judges are rough, and you will have to show them more than just epic distance – you’ll have to demonstrate the best of your skills and control of aerodynamics, and an immaculate landing.

The game features full 3D visuals, several modes including quick play, tournaments and World Cup, three different control methods, custom events to compete and player customization.

Let’s Golf 3

let us golf

Now you can practice golf on your phone or tablet in the trendiest clubs of the world and undertake a real golf adventure. The game is free to download, and you can create your own player and compete with your friends in tournaments. You can play five holes every day free of charge, or purchase the full version and play an unlimited number of holes whenever you want. You get to travel to six of the world’s beautiful locations from the Great Wall of China to literally outer space. The game is 3D, so you will be able to enjoy beautiful sceneries full of waterfalls, tropical forests and Mediterranean greenery, immersing in this wonderful adventure.

Up to four golfers can compete online and locally via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in the multiplayer mode, but what is more important, you can play on the same device. You can chat live with your friends through the game and watch your opponent’s turn during the match. You can customize your golfer by choosing from thousands of clothes, hair and gear styling. The game offers in-app purchases of special skills, like increased accuracy or balls with superpowers, but you can also unlock these special skills using virtual coins you earn in the game.

As you progress, you get to unlock new modes that include stroke play, shootout, close to pin and match play. In addition, you get to play challenging mini games if you feel like changing the pace or need to master some of your skills. As everything by Gameloft, Let’s Golf 3 is visually spectacular and addictive.

Pool Billiards Pro

pool billiards pro

While this game is free of charge, it has a rich Arsenal of game modes and challenges to offer – the single player mode is pretty packed with obstacles while VS mode offers talented opponents, which are operated by computer or your real life opponent. And finally arcade mode has no rules other than collecting the balls according to the clues given in the game. The game features extremely realistic 3D ball animation and intuitive touch controls; 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool; and three game modes to challenge your aiming and timing to get that perfect strike.

3D Bowling

3d bowling

3D Bowling is an awesome-looking bowling game, where you can enjoy colorful balls and detailed stat tracking alongside a spectacular bowling alley. The game is free and features some of the very realistic 3D experience for Android smartphones and tablets. The game makes the most of 3D physics engine and visual effects to challenge your abilities as you compete in five outrageous bowling scenes, or play in multiplayer tournaments. State-of-the-art graphics makes this game one of the most addictive bowling games on Google Play.

Basketball Shoot

basketball shoot

NBA fans, brace yourselves for the best Android-based basketball game – Basketball Shoot. You get to choose from 11 backgrounds while the simple controls make this game a fun, yet challenging experience that is sure to gobble up your free time. The game is extremely addictive, so beware you may get fully engrossed in this realistic physics game. You get a limited number of balls to shoot, and you need to score as high as you can. The game is easy to control and makes a perfect fit for players of every age offering great shooting experience and simple, yet beautiful picture style.

Skater Boy

skater boy

There are a good couple of dozen skating games on Google Play, and Skater Boy probably features a very simplistic visual representation, but it sure is one of the most addictive skating games for Android. The game offers 90 levels with awesome tricks to master and jump performing spectacular tricks in the air as you learn to land safely. The game is simplistic, easy, but very fun – all you have to do is to accelerate or jump over various obstacles on your way and enjoy scoring as high as you can. The graphics are clear and simple, and 90 cool levels and various tricks create just the perfect blend for simple, yet highly addictive sports game for mobile devices.