10 Productive ways of using Force Touch on the Apple Watch

Force Touch can be incredibly useful, even on the small screen of the Apple Watch. It lets you access context-based options pretty much like the right-click menu in Windows.

If you own an Apple Watch it would be a shame not to use Force Touch, since it can speed up a lot of actions. Here are some of the most useful ones:

Clear all notifications – Getting too many notifications too fast can be quite annoying. Worry not – you don’t have to dismiss them one by one. Just open the notifications list, press firmly on the screen and the “Clear All” option will appear, allowing you to dismiss them all at once.

Change the Weather app view – When you launch the Weather app on your wrist you’ll be shown the default view.

Apple Watch Weather app

To see the other available views long press on the Weather app icon and then you can choose from three options. Tap one to switch to a different view. Also, you can cycle through the three views by tapping on the current one.

Change and customize your Watch face – Hard press on the watch face and you’ll be taken to the screen where you can select another watch face and customize it.

Email actions – You can do quite a few things in the Email app using Force Touch. With the app open, simply tap on a specific message and after it opens, hard press on the watch screen.

Apple Watch Email app

On the following screen you’ll be presented with a number of options you can use for the currently selected email, specifically Reply, Flag, Delete and Mark as Unread.

Change the view in the Calendar app – Just like for the Weather app, Calendar also offers multiple views, “Day” being the default one. The Watch will remember the last view you used and display it when you open the Calendar app.

To change the current view, hard press on the watch screen. Tap on “List” to see all events for “Today” as a list. To return to the “Day” view, hard press on the screen again.

Compose a new text message – When you write a new message on your wrist, it will be sent via your iPhone, but at least you don’t need to pick up the phone for this task. To quickly create a new text message on the Watch, press firmly on the main screen of the Messages app.

Apple Watch Messages

Then simply select the “New Message” screen to start composing it. In this department, watchOS lets you select a preset message from a list, dictate the message or just send an emoji.

Send your location in a message – There’s no simpler way to reply to a “where are you?” message than by letting your Watch send your location to the recipient. Furthermore, the other person can use it to receive directions on how to get there.

Apple Watch - Send location

To do it, open the message you want to reply (either by tapping on the notification or from within the Messages app) and use Force Touch on the screen. A screen with three options should be displayed and among them is the “Send Location” option.

Add a new alarm – This particular function is made much easier via Force Touch. By hard pressing on the main screen of the Alarms app you’ll jump straight to the “Add Alarm” option. Tap on it and then you can customize your alarm.

Music app actions – Using Force Touch in the Music app will let you access various options, depending on the current screen.

Apple Watch - Music app

If you use it on the main screen of the app, you’ll be able to use the “Source” option and choose if the music should play on your iPhone or on the Watch.

Apple Watch Music app 1

Pressing firmly on the “Now Playing” screen opens another menu. From there you can use Shuffle, Repeat, AirPlay and the Source option is available here too.

Search for locations in the Maps app – Force Touch offers this convenient function as well, which can come in handy if you don’t feel like taking out your phone to search for a place.

Open the Maps app and your current location will appear. Use Force Touch on the screen and select the  “Search” option to find the location you’re interested in. Alternatively you can use the “Dictation” option and dictate the address or view one from the “Recents” list.

You can perform many other actions using on your iWatch using Force Touch and not just in the stock apps as some third-party titles support it as well. How are you using Force Touch on the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments section below or drop us a line on  Facebook, Twitter or Google+.