18 Simple Ways to save the Battery Life on your iPhone

Have you ever been put in the position where you absolutely had to have your iPhone functional no matter what? Then you already know the importance of saving battery life. During long trips, there’s a multitude of things that can drain your battery and prevent you from completing your mission. It’s not a big deal to fix this problem, you just have to know how to do it. This article goes into detail about how to conserve precious battery life on your iPhone so you can get through those long work days without having to worry about your iPhone going dead on you. Here are some great tips you can use right away:

Tip #1 : Be Sure To Shield Your iPhone From Extreme Heat And Cold

Extreme heat and cold are definitely an enemy of iPhone battery life. Temperatures around 100 degrees and up or near freezing will suck the life right out of it. If you can when you’re traveling, try to remember to keep your iPhone in a safe location so that it’s always in a room temperature setting.

Tip #2 : Turn Off GPS Access And Push Notifications

If your iPhone has a tendency to access GPS mapping, even when you’re not actively using the GPS system to find a location, access the “Settings” application (the one on your “Home” screen with all the gears”) and you’ll be able to turn it off. What it’s trying to do is find out whether or not you’ve switched time zones. Push notifications can be turned off using the “Settings” feature as well.notification-center

How To Disable Push Notifications On Apps

1. Tap the “Settings” icon  on your home screen

2. Tap the  “Notification Center” menu.

3. Examine the apps, see what is what.

4. Switch “Notification Center” from On to Off for each app that you don’t want notifications from.

How To Disable Unnecessary GPS Mapping

1. Tap the “Settings” Icon

2. Tap the “Location Services” bar or “Privacy > Locations Services” if you’re on iOS 7mapping

3. Now scroll down to “System Services” and tap into that screen

4. Find the “Setting Time Zone” option and switch it into the off position

5. Switch off “Location Based iAds”

6. Switch Off “Diagnostics And Usage”

7. And, unless you’re driving often, you can switch off “Traffic” as well

Tip #3 : Turn Off Notification Beeps And Flashes

Some applications and programs on your iPhone will have unnecessary sounds and beeps to try and enhance the experience. If you’re trying to conserve power, one of the best things you can do is to either mute all sounds entirely (for that specific app), or access the settings of your apps to stop them from “going off” unnecessarily. Also, some apps will have icons that flash or other annoying behavior. Do what you can to make sure that your iPhone doesn’t wake itself up out of “Rest” mode. “Rest” mode is definitely your friend when it comes to conserving iPhone battery life.

Tip #4 : Turn off the ‘parallax’ effect

The parallax effect is a cute feature but let’s face it, you won’t probably use it much so it’s better off, considering it saves a bit of your battery every day.

Go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, then switch it in the on position.


Tip #5 : Disable AirDrop when you don’t use it

AirDrop allows you to share files or media with your friends via “air” when they are close to you. However, when AirDrop is set to be in “Discoverable” mode, it feasts on your battery and it’s way better if you disable it when you don’t use the feature.

Swipe up from your home screen, click on AirDrop and select Off.



Tip #6 : Disable Background App Refresh

By default, this feature allows apps to refresh their content using Wi-Fi or Cellular Data whenever they feel like it. Disabling this feature greatly improves your battery life.

Go to: Settings > General > Background App Refresh



Tip #7 : Disable Automatic App Updates/Downloads

iOS will attempt to update all your apps silently in the background. By default, it’s via Wi-Fi only but it can be set-up to use the Cellular Data if you choose so. We recommend turning this feature off and update all your apps manually when you launch the App Store.

Go to: SettingsiTunes & App Store – turn off the Updates and Apps settings


Tip #8 : Disallow your iPhone from ‘learning’ your frequent locations

If you visit some places regularly, your iPhone will try to remember those places and provide you with related/useful information when you revisit them. It might come handy in some occasions but if you ask me, considering how much battery it saves, it’s better off disabled.

Got to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and switch off the Frequent Locations


Tip #9 : Spotlight indexing

Spotlight is a very useful feature as it basically allows you to search your entire iPhone just by looking for a specific keyword/phrase. However, your iPhone needs to index everything so it can serve you the results and that’s an intensive process that sucks your battery juice.

You’d want to filter what exactly you want indexed by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and tap which category you want to be included in the Spotlight. I’d personally recommend only the Contacts, Apps and eventually the Notes and/or Reminders.


Tip #10 : Disable location-related system services

The Location Services feature uses GPS for different apps and services that request it. It may be useful in some cases but most of the services just don’t need to use it thus preserving your battery life.

Go to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services scroll to the bottom for System Services then uncheck which services you want to use the feature. I’d personally keep only the Traffic and System Time but hey, that’s me.


Tip #11 : Close apps that aren’t being used

Every iPhone user has the tendency to open the apps and forget to close them afterwards. That’s not a very good practice as it loads your iPhone processor and evidently, sucks on your battery. Double press the Home Button and swipe up any of the open apps which you don’t use.


Tip #12 : Stop The iPhone From Fetching Emails Automatically


There’s no real reason to have your iPhone burning up battery power to check for emails automatically. You can easily disable the automatic fetching of emails and conserve power. Checking your email manually is a better option to conserve the most battery life. Here’s how to stop the auto-fetching:

2. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”1. Tap “Settings”

3. Tap “Fetch New Data”

4. Switch Off “Push”

5. Set A New “Fetch” Interval

6. That’s It!

Tip #13 : Reduce Your Screen Brightness


You don’t need to have your iPhone screen operating at maximum brightness in order to gain access to the functionality. Dimming the screen backlight will save a lot of power in the long run. Slide the settings bar as far to the left as you can tolerate. Here’s how:

1. Tap the “Settings” Icon

2. Tap “Brightness”

3. Slide it to the left

4. All Done!

Tip #14: Auto-Lock Your iPhone

Here’s how to automatically get your iPhone to “Lock” and conserve power

1. Touch the “Settings” icon

2. Touch the “General” bar

3. Touch the “Auto-Lock” bar

4. Select either 1 minute or 2 minutes for the best power saving performance

5. All Done!


Tip #15 : Disable 3G/4G When It’s Not In Use

Your iPhone comes with 3G/4G network capability. 3G and 4G network usage uses up a lot of power and it’s recommended to keep it on when you use it only. If you would like to turn off 3G/4G to conserve battery life, here’s how to do it:

1. Tap “Settings”

2. Tap “General”

3. Select “Mobile Data” (or “Cellular” on iOS 7+)

4. Turn Off “Cellular/Mobile Data” and “Enable 3G/4G”


Tip #16 : Turn Wi-Fi Off When It’s Not In Use


Here’s how to save a little bit of power by shutting down the Wi-Fi, unless you have some apps that are constantly checking your internet, there’s no real point on having the Wi-FI on, it automatically looks for network and it will deplete your battery at some point.

1. Touch the “Settings” Icon

2. Touch the “Wi-Fi” bar

3. Switch “Wi-Fi” to the Off position

4. All done!

Tip #17 : Turn Off The iPhone Equalizer

The equalizer on the Apple iPhone does drain some power. While true audio aficionados may opt to keep the equalizer functional, those that want to save the most power should disable it. Here’s how:

1. Access the “Settings” Icon

2. Find the “Music” tab

3. Flip the EQ to the “Off” position

4. Done!

Tip #18 : Disable Bluetoothbluetooth

Bluetooth can take up some precious battery life too. Here’s how to disable it:

1. Touch the “Settings” Icon

2. Find the “Bluetooth” slider

3. Move it into the “Off position”

4. All Done!

And There You Have It!

These are 10 tips you can use to save iPhone power right away! And, if you find that you have other apps running actively on your iPhone that are taking up battery life,