12 iOS apps for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone wants to be prepared to spend some quality time with their loved one and show their appreciation but it can seem impossible to pull off, if you don’t have a lot of time to plan a special evening, buy a gift and anything else this day would require to turn out great.

Luckily, the app world caters to everyone and everything. There are plenty of apps for iOS that can help you have a Valentine’s Day that’s worth remembering and here’s our own selection:


ProFlowers: Flower Delivery – Send Flowers, Bouquets & Plants

By Sincerely Inc.

Price: Free


This app not only gives you a large selection of bouquets and plants but it also offers Valentine’s Day themed flower arrangements that can be delivered to the address you specify and all you have to do is tap your iPhone a few times. The flowers can also be accompanied by a personalized greeting card – this makes a great way to ask your significant other to dinner on V-Day or whatever you’re planning!

If you’d like to order a plant (which can last a lot longer than a bouquet) you should know they’re also shipped with plant food and care instructions to make maintenance easier.

ProFlowers (iPhone and iPad) – Download

Shari’s Berries: Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Desserts

By Sincerely Inc.

Price: Free

Shari's Berries

The classic bouquet of roses and box of chocolate is definitely a cliche, but not if you choose some kind of dessert that’s special, especially if your loved one is a foodie. Shari’s Berries is a free app that offers chocolate dipped fruits and treats that probably taste as amazing as they look.

The gift is accompanied by a greeting card with your personalized message and it can definitely come in handy if you’re miles away from your soul mate and won’t get the chance to spend Valentine’s Day together.

Shari’s Berries (iPhone and iPad)Download

Red Stamp Cards

By Red Stamp Cards, Inc.
Price: Free
Red Stamp

A custom greeting card will always make a better impression than if you buy one in a hurry at your local grocery store. Red Stamp offers tons of designs that can be personalized in both appearance and text content. You can send your custom Valentines through e-mail, text and the app also includes printing and postage options if you’re old fashioned like that.

Red Stamp (iPhone and iPad) – Download


Hangtime – Upcoming Local Events, Concerts, Parties, Live Shows, Theaters and Festivals with Friends

By Hangtime, Inc.
Price: Free
While it wasn’t designed just for romantic activities, Hangtime is definitely an app you could use to plan Valentine’s Day, as it lets you see all the events that are taking place near you. If you’re not satisfied with the average restaurant/movie date, this app can show you other types of activities like parties, concerts, meet-ups and so on, making it easy to see everything that’s going on in your area.
Hangtime (iPhone and iPad) – Download

OpenTable – Restaurants, Reservations, Reviews, Menus, Local Food & Dining

By OpenTable, Inc.

Price: Free


If you want to take your better half to a nice restaurant, OpenTable is a free app that lets you see places near you, customer reviews and menus. It also allows you to make reservations, so it’s great to have on hand when you want restaurant info at a glance and a fast way to see the places that still have free spots.

OpenTable lets you make reservations at more than 20,000 restaurants in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., so there’s plenty to choose from.

OpenTable (iPhone and iPad)Download

Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

By Flixster, Inc.

Price: Free


I always enjoy seeing a good movie, be it V-Day or not, but you can’t deny it a popular activity for couples going out on this day. Flixster is a popular app that lets you browse through the top box office movies, watch trailers, view showtimes at local theaters and even buy tickets.

Even if you’re in a hurry you’re probably going to find a good movie to go to really fast with Flixster, or be even more practical (and generous) and let your partner choose it!

Flixster (iPhone and iPad)Download


Love Poems – The Most Romantic Poems for Lovers and Couples

By Mario Guenther-Bruns

Price: Free

Love Poems

No matter how powerful are the feeling you have for your soul mate, not everyone is good with words. Love Poems is a free app that lets you borrow some from the classics. It offers a large selection of romantic poems that you can quickly send to Facebook, Twitter or as an email message.

Love Poems (iPhone and iPad)Download

If you are lost for words, this free iPhone app has a collection of romantic writings, from Shakespeare to Edgar Allen Poe. Use the self-described “app to fall in love with” to send your love a poem through Facebook, Twitter or via email. More here.

Cupid Booth – Valentine’s Day!

By John Temple Group Pty Ltd.

Price: Free


Snap a selfie, apply your favorite Cupid-themed graphic elements like hearts, kisses, bubbles, candies, flowers and so on, and you’ve got yourself a funny, yet cute photo to share with your beloved. You can also add your own hand written messages, for a more personal effect.

Cupid Booth (iPhone and iPad) – Download


OkCupid Dating

By OkCupid.com

Price: Free


Feed OkCupid information about yourself by answering a few questions and it shows you matches from your area. Finding your Valentine so close to the day itself is not ideal, but fate may surprise you!

OkCupid is free, altough it does offer several premium services that you can purchase. Nevertheless, even if you choose to use only the free features, it makes for a solid dating app.

OkCupid (iPhone and iPad)Download

Coffee Meets Bagel – Best Dating App to Meet Single Women and Men and Find Dates for Free (CMB)

By Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc

Price: Free

Coffee meets Bagel

If a classic dating app like OkCupid seems like too much, and you get overwhelmed in the myriad profiles that match yours, give Coffee Meets Bagel a try. The app gives you just one curated match per day, and you have 24 hours to LIKE it or PASS it. If the parties LIKE each other you’ll both receive access to a private chat room where you can talk to each other and maybe plan a face to face date.

It shouldn’t be your go-to emergency dating app, since it only gives one match per day, but CMB states the app learns what you like over time, so matches will only get better.

Coffee Meets Bagel (iPhone and iPad)Download

Badoo – Meet New People, Chat, Socialize

By Badoo Software Ltd

Price: Free


If you want a different take on match making, Badoo can give you that. The app will show you other users that frequent the same places you do. At least you know you have some common interests and perhaps you’ve even bumped into them at some point, but never got to know them. The subscription package that offers more features is optional so you can simply use the free app if you want to.

Badoo also takes a different approach, and we rather like this one. It shows you other Badoo users who’ve been in the same places as you have – your favourite pub, your local bookshop, a nearby park etc.

It’s free to download, but there’s a subscription package that unlocks extra features, starting at £8.99.

Badoo (iPhone and iPad) – Download

Plan B


By Charmistry

Price: $0.99


If your Valentine is a person you don’t know to well (or at all), DateEscape has you covered in case the date goes wrong and you want to flee the scene without causing a scandal. The app gives you fake calls, fake SMS and MMS and the possibility to customize the caller’s information as well as record your own in-call audio so everything looks absolutely real.

DateEscape (iPhone and iPad) – Download

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