12 New iOS Games (Oct 8)


Time for another batch of iOS games, fresh out of the developers oven. We’ve got a couple of games that I know will be a success, and couple of which I wasn’t aware of until recently, but they caught my eye this week. If you love racing games, you’ve got four games to check out this week, with the rest being an assorted mix of puzzle, arcade, and RPG.

Make sure you take a look at the new games from last week, which came out on October 1st. As always, don’t expect these links to be live until 8:00 PM PST tonight, if you’re reading this on October 8th.

Reckless Racing 3Reckless Racing 3

Kicking things off we have the third installment in the Reckless Racing series, which looks to bring more content and better visuals than ever before. From the screenshots and trailer, this game really looks great, and Pixelbite has a good track record with smooth handling controls in this series. Even though $5 is a comparatively higher price, it’s likely going to be worth it in this case.


Another $5 game, this time a very unique Platformer called Skullduggery. I mentioned this one a couple weeks ago in my list of iOS games to watch for this month, and as expected it’s getting released today. There is a 24 level single player campaign, as well as a multiplayer mode, and you’ll find the gameplay to be not quite like anything you’ve seen before. I’m a bit surprised to see it’s price, but I think this one will be worth it as well.

Castaway Paradisecastaway

Castaway Paradise has been a highly anticipated game for quite a while, mostly because it’s been described as a mobile version of Animal Crossing. The developer has said there are plenty of unique features to this game as well, and to me it looks more inspired by AC than a knock off. It’s a free to download game, but players have the option to purchase a monthly VIP subscription, or make IAPs.


  • Price: $2.99
  • Genre: Action/Puzzle
  • Developer: DeNA
  • Gameplay Trailer

I wasn’t able to find gameplay or a trailer for this one, and I don’t know a whole lot about it at this point. This game is already available on PC, so this is just the mobile port, but the PC version has seen quite a few positive reviews. Wavefront is a mix of action and puzzle, with 60 unique levels, and 0 IAPs. Players are able to control the pace of the game, by taking it slow if things are too challenging, or pushing for a quick finish while increasing difficulty.

Zombie Highway 2Zombie Highway 2

Next up we have another driving game sequel, except this is more of an endless runner rather than an actual racing game. Players need to make it as far as they can down the highway, while getting rid of zombies that jump on the side of your car. You’ve got a variety of weapons to unlock and assist you with this, but you’ll also need to master the art of driving right next to an object that can knock them off.

I Am Dolphini am dolphin

Forget Goat Simulator, now you can play as a dolphin swimming around in the deep blue sea! I Am Dolphin gives players the option to choose from three unique dolphins, and explore the ocean while meeting new fish friends.

Pixel Boat RushPixel Boat Rush

Pixel Boat Rush is another racing game, with some action elements mixed in as well. Pick your guns, upgrade your boats, and compete in 100 different events in the campaign. Simple controls, and four different types of races to compete in.


This one is extremely relaxed, as there’s no way you can really lose in the game. No time limits, no lives, just jumping around in space between planets while collecting stars. I’m not sure if this one is really going to be worth $3, but it looks somewhat interesting.

Cars: Fast as Lightningcars

The fourth and final racing game this week is a freemium based on the popular Cars movie by Pixar. Gameloft is well known for it’s rather restrictions for those who don’t use IAPs, so I’m not expecting Fast as Lightning to be any different. It’s a one button game where you hold down the gas pedal, and release before your car is about to make a turn. Might be a good one for your kids, but don’t forget to turn the IAPs off.

Demonic Dessertsdeserts

Demonic Desserts is a funny little puzzle game that tasks you with blowing up incoming waves of enemy desserts. There’s a 24 levels campaign, as well as an endless mode, and multiple power ups that you can utilize as you progress through the game. Not sure what the IAPs are like, but if it’s just for optional power ups, this could be a really cool free game.

Dragon Quest IIdq2

Yet another mobile port from the Dragon Quest series will hit the app store tonight, this time it’s Dragon Quest II. These games speak for themselves at this point, as we’ve all seen the numerous other ports over the past few months. Don’t expect this one to be a whole lot different from DQ I, but hardcore fans of this series will likely be pleased.

Find the LineFind the Line

After releasing what ended up being my game of the month for September, Chillingo is back with something a little different than Anomaly Defenders. Find the Line is a very unique puzzle game where the player slides a bar at the bottom of the screen, and this makes the line move. There can be several lines in a single level, and they all need to be at the right spot to make the picture. 200 levels to play, hours of fun to be had, and best of all — it’s 100% free.

That does it for this weeks new iOS games! As always, feel free to join the discussion via the comments section below. We’d love to hear which game you are the most excited about this week.