14 Awesome Apple Watch games you can play right now

Some of the best apps in the App Store, have rushed to support the Apple Watch from day 1, altough games developers certainly don’t neglect the wearable either. There’s already a decent array of games supporting the Watch, and some were even created with the gadget in mind.

Some might think a small screen can’t really offer much, in terms of gaming, but you’ll be surprised how creative devs can get and the brilliant ways they manage to make games not just playable on your wrist, but actually addicting.

Best Fiends – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Best Fiends

The beautifully designed world of Minutia can give you the perfect time-waster combination between a character-based RPG and a matching puzzle adventure. The latest update added support for the Watch, and the graphics are just as amazing as on the iPhone.

Everything you find, earn and collect on your wrist is taken into the mobile game where you can use them to improve your bug army.

Snappy Word – Download

Price: Free

Snappy Word

Snappy Word is a simple word game, with a challenging concept: you get four letters and have 30 seconds at your disposal to create as many words as you can, using only those letters.

There’s a PvP mode as well, so you can test your word skills against your friends and there are featured leaderboards, although I don’t think they are very populated right now, since the game was released only a few weeks ago.

Walkr – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)


The Watch already has an impressive number of health and fitness apps supporting it, but there aren’t as many that combine your physical activity efforts with a game. Walkr does that, as you have to gather ‘walking energy’ – aka all the steps you make in real life – to grow your own galaxy.

On the Watch you can control your planets, see current weather information for your location, participate in special events and get notifications for missions, among others.

Spy_Watch – Download

Price: $1.99


The Apple Watch might not be the only wearable gadget worthy of James Bond, but it certainly fits the role. Spy_Watch is a game specifically created for the Watch and you will absolutely love it if you secretly dream of becoming a spy.

This game can in fact, make you feel like a real spy – think of it as a fantasy, not an actual game. Spy_Watch uses notifications to keep you up to date with its story and the missions you have to complete, so you can play it without actually opening the game.

Runeblade – Download

Price: Free


Another exclusive Apple Watch game, Runeblade offers an immersive fantasy adventure that lets you fight monsters on your wrist in short sessions, just perfect for the casual gamer. Nonetheless, the game does involve plenty of strategy, specifically on using all those magical artifacts, spells and runes in the best possible way.

You’ll still have to use your iPhone occasionally, to cast spells and enchant your Runeblade, but those short 15-second sessions you can play on the Watch offer an incredibly varied content as they require you to travel through realms, acquire gear, defeat enemies and unlock new powers. Runeblade is free, although its developers plan to implement IAPs at some point.

Trivia Crack – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the most popular games of the moment, proving classic games are far from extinction. With a huge community-based question database, this game is as simple as it’s addictive, and the PvP factor definitely adds to that.

Now you can play Trivia Crack in all its glory on the Watch – answering questions is reduced to quick taps, plus you can accept challenges from other players, create your own and the game sends notifications to your wrist when you’re up.

Letterpad – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)


I find simple puzzles like word games are a perfect match for the Watch (I swear the rhyme was totally unintended!) and Letterpad is one that runs on iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. The game gives you 9-letter square grids (that fit nicely on the Watch display) and you have to find the hidden word related to a given category, but you can also create your own puzzles and share them with your friends.

The IAPs available in the game consist only of hint packs, which can be useful if you need some help and can’t rely solely on your word skills.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)

FIFA Ultimate Team

The incredibly popular football manager offers one of the most realistic experiences when creating your dream team. Watch support is limited right now, so you won’t be able to play matches on your wrist.

However, you can manage player transfers and get notifications on the Watch, something you’ll probably appreciate if you’re a true fan of the game.

Rules! – Download

Price: $2.99


There’s not as much room on the Watch as on the iPhone screen, but Rules! manages to offer some great games on your wrist, even if you only get 4 tiles instead of the 16 tiles available in the mobile version.

Each puzzle comes with a rule, that you need to follow in order to solve it. Rules! is not just about training your brain, it’s also about speed, which is why it’s super challenging and received numerous awards, including one from Apple.

Watch Quest! – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Watch Quest!

Watch Quest was tailored so its iPhone and Watch versions work in a unique synergy. This casual adventure game relies on you choosing your hero and embarking on quests with some puzzles sprinkled in between.

Managing your kingdom can only be done on the iPhone – there you can select new adventurers, gear him up and choose a quest. Then, you can get all the action and carry out the quest on your wrist. The game is quite polished, but you should know just the first chapter is free, while the rest will only become available via IAPs.

Peak – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)


Peak is not just a brain training game, it’s one backed up by science – if you’re into self-improvement and consider yourself at least a tad geeky, you’ll love Peak. Besides the actual games, you get detailed descriptions on what skills they help you train, comprehensive statistics for your performance and customized games, depending on the targets you want to improve.

Compared to the iPhone UI, Peak is not quite as polished on the Watch, but the 30 second, skill-boosting games are just as effective.

BoxPop – Download

Price: Free (with IAPs)


A simple concept of popping boxes in an L-shaped path, can certainly make solving such puzzles harder than you might think. Things quickly get more complicated like going through larger grids – at least on the iPhone version.

Despite the limitation imposed by the small screen on your wrist, BoxPop offers a relaxing, casual game that suits the Watch quite well.

Lifeline…- Download

Price: $2.99


Lifeline… is a ‘choose your path’ type of game with an immersive story about the consequences of a crash landing on an alien moon. Taylor, is stranded and unable to find other crew members, and the only person he’s able to talk to using his communicator is you.

The story plays out in real-time and you’ll receive text-based messages via notifications to keep you up to date.

Watch & Repeat – Download

Price: Free

Watch & Repeat

I must admit I find myself attracted by puzzle games with basic concepts that somehow manage to offer a challenge. Watch & Repeat will show you four colored buttons that light up in a certain order and all you have to do is remember the pattern and reproduce it.

This might sound pretty easy, but the sequences become more and more complex as you progress through the game. The four colored grid is just perfect for the square screen of the Watch, and the game certainly makes for a fun time-waster.

Try some of these great games on your Watch (if you didn’t get the chance to already) and let us know which one is your favorite!

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