Here are 2 simple ways you can enable Siri on your Apple Watch

One of the best ways you can use the Apple Watch is to harness the power of Siri, in the fastest and most efficient manner. It doesn’t really matter what you need to ask or have Siri do – you can ask for directions, find places, send messages and so on –  the Watch lets you use the virtual assistant just like you would on your iPhone, only even quicker and readily available, since it is attached to your wrist, at all times.

Apple Watch call via Siri

The first and most obvious way of launching Siri on your Watch is to simply say “Hey, Siri” and then ask your question or say your request like you would on the iPhone. Nevertheless, sometimes Siri will fail to launch from the first attempt and you might need to do it a few times more.

Siri Apple Watch

If you don’t want to become socially awkward and have people staring at you as you’re shouting at your Watch like to a deaf old lady, there’s a more reliable way to enable Siri from your wrist. Simply press and hold the Digital Crown and you will soon see “What can I help you with” on the screen of your Watch.

Tip: Siri voice activation is available on the iPhone too, specifically for devices running under iOS 8 and it can be enabled under your phone’s Settings -> General ->Siri where you have to enable the ‘Hey Siri’ option. There’s just one small problem: unless you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, older models need to be plugged into a power source (for battery saving purposes) for the feature to work.

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