20 New Android Apps Worth Checking Out

Security Apps

Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner

Heartbleed scan

Starting with security this week, since the Heartbleed security vulnerability is sending cold shivers down our spines. This app scans your operating system and applications for Heartbleed vulnerability, which compromises the secure communications between your apps and servers. This app checks the default OpenSSL Android library and the third-party apps’ libraries for security vulnerability susceptible to Heartbleed. The app is quick and straightforward, it does not delete or fix the vulnerability, but at least it shows you which apps may be vulnerable.



The security company AVG is releasing a remote management app designed to manage your Android devices and PCs. The basic idea behind this app is to have it installed on your Android device, sign up for an AVG account, connect your existing devices – Android and DC, and track security vulnerabilities on all of your devices. You get remote access to all your listed Android devices and PCs, as well as enhanced privacy and protection for all of them. With this free application you will be able to track your household computers, laptops, Android tablets and smartphones and enhance their performance, privacy and protection.

Entertainment Apps

David Lloyd Playlist

David LLoyd

This app can potentially replace Spotify for many, so try it out. The developers claim their app improves your workout performance by updating your music library with workout stimulating tracks. You get fresh music weekly for warming up, strength training, jogging and spinning and other activities. The music is scientifically selected and ensures optimal performance for the exercises you do. You can store your playlists off-line and listen to them any time, even if you don’t have access to the Internet; moreover, you can keep your favorite songs in personally customized playlists. The app comes free for a 28 day trial, but afterwards, you will have to update via in-app purchase.

Watchup: Your Daily Newscast


This is a great free app for those who like to watch their news on their smartphones or tablets. It gives you easy access to local, national and international news channels, and you can create your personalized feeds of video news. It is a great idea and it is performed in a neat and clean interface. You can also read text articles, set up customized alerts to receive at the time of the day you prefer, or have the newscast play continuously.

Jungle Doctor X Adventure

Jungle doctor

This is a great entertainment app for kids from the TabTale. An adventure app styled as a safari trip for kids – it’s filled with jungle animals, such as monkeys, zebras and lions, blended in a colorful set of mini games. Some of the content is available free of charge while some requires in-app purchases to unlock. There are over 35 levels in this developmental app as kids rescue and take care of injured animals, so kids learn how to take care of animals and develop empathy.



FarFaria is a great learning tool for kids learning to read, featuring over 600 picture books and free stories every week. Fairytales and educational books for children 2 to 9 years old encourage your kids to read more. One book a day is available for free while you can subscribe for a monthly plan and get unlimited access to the library. The books and stories in the library are high quality and children love them, while parents are encouraged to spend more time reading with their kids.

Solar Walk

Solar Walk

This is a great educational app for students and kids – a 3D model of the entire solar system with extensive information about our star, planets, their history and movement. There is plenty of content available in the paid version as well as via in-app purchases. It is an interactive space journey where you can learn a lot about planets and their satellites, their positions in our solar system. It is a fully featured 3D solar system model, where you can navigate between planets through space and time. It is quite an impressive journey with spectacular close-ups and a lot of information about inner structures of the planets, history of their exploration by humans, detailed information about their trajectories, mass, size, orbital velocity, composition of atmosphere and structural layers.

Android Customization Apps

Hello SMS


With the overwhelming number of mobile messaging services available for Android devices, it may be difficult to single of the ones that are really worth your attention. This application takes standard text messaging to a whole new level of productivity and beauty. This app does 2 main things – it completely replaces your stock Android text messaging application, taking charge over your text messages, MMS and group messages. The app sports a really beautiful user interface that is based on tabs instead of pages, which makes it one of the best looking mobile messaging interfaces you have probably seen on Android so far. In addition, this application offers a typical data-based messaging service you can use to send free text messages internationally.

Call Log Monitor

Call Log Monitor

Call Log Monitor takes care of call log management enabling users to keep a perfectly clean and customized call history, clearing the unwanted stuff, thus sparing user from deleting the call log entries manually. It also has a fun feature of creating fake call entries and text messages. It is a great time-saver, and enables you to keep a complex statistics of your call logs sorted by groups, as well as enables you to search for specific calls. You can create your own custom rules to delete call history automatically, for example, according to a contact, group of contacts or phone numbers. It can filter SMS and delete them automatically from your message log after you read them. This app is probably a great tool to play pranks on your friends since it enables you to create fake text messages and phone calls in your inbox and sentbox. It has an extensive list of features and customization options that would surprise you, but if you would like to store and manage an unlimited call log, you might want to check out Unlimited Call Log by the same developer.

Productivity Apps



This Dropbox-owned email app is really popular on iOS iTunes due to its ability to shrink your email perfectly to a minimum inbox style by cutting out the unnecessary rest. It is highly customizable and allows snoozing emails for pre-set periods of time, while the labels allow you to organize your emails the way you want. Mailbox currently works with iCloud and Gmail, while compatibility with other email platforms is under development. The best part about mailbox is it makes your email responsive, lightweight and mobile-friendly.


Task Rabbit

This app may be restricted in some countries, but it definitely is available in the US and UK. It is a task management tool that helps you organize tasks you don’t want to do yourself – cleaning, shopping, furniture moving and the like. Basically, this app finds people and companies that offer services you’re looking for. The interface is quite elegant and straightforward offering you services, pricing and working hours on housecleaning, handyman services, removals, errand running, grocery delivery, storage clean-out and queuing. So, you can have somebody pick up your theater tickets, buy your groceries, ship your packages or deliver dry-cleaning, or prescriptions.

Scanbot PDF Scanner

Scanbot PDF

Scanbot PDF Scanner is yet another attempt to get rid of scanners. This impressive app scans your documents using the camera at the resolution of up to 200dpi, afterwards, you can save the scanned documents to Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and other cloud services. You can scan tickets, IDs, receipts, boarding passes and never miss a thing again. It is convenient because it scans quickly and saves whatever you scan to the cloud.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the best voice recognition software for desktop computers, and Dragon Mobile Assistant is your virtual assistant for Android devices. Unlike Dragon Naturally Speaking, Mobile Assistant is free of charge. You can send and receive SMS, Facebook and Twitter messages, emails and more with the help of this speech recognition app. The speech recognition rate is very high, and you can schedule appointments, search the Internet and set reminders absolutely hands-free. The attentive mode listens to you and keeps your virtual assistant ready at any time, even if the screen of your device is locked. You can customize your digital assistant and name it, as well as choose the voice you like. Dragon mobile assistant transforms speech to text and text to speech, and while this may not be an overly new app, I feel it deserves your attention.

Retune for Android


This app is a remote control for iTunes and allows you to control your iTunes account from your Android device. Now you can change movies, TV shows and songs from your Android device. You can toggle play – pause, find a song, skip forward, shuffle or repeat songs, as well as play around with iTunes visualizer. You can control the playback of iTunes rentals, movies, podcasts and audiobooks. The features of this app are quite extensive and if you have an Android device but a Mac laptop, you simply must have this app to make the two work together.


Today Calendar

Today-Calendar is a great alternative to the native Android calendar app, which is cleanly-cut and has a beautiful interface – easy to navigate, clear and quick. It combines ample functionality and beautiful interface, offering features you would normally find in the stock Android calendar apps with a lot of them modified for increased productivity. The monthly view is redesigned to provide all in one view combining both the month and the agenda views, enabling users to organize their days from a single window. The app has great widgets performed in the same semi-transparent beautiful aesthetics.

The Pirate Bay Browser

pirate bay browser

This is a great app for the Pirate Bay users that gives them access the popular website, providing them with information about popular torrents with ample details and links that can be open in the bittorrent client of your choice, right from the app. It is free of charge and you can search for torrents of your choice with its help.

Camera and Photo Apps

Google Camera

Google camera

Those of you who have already gotten their hands on the latest android KitKat OS have this app, but others are left at the mercy of their smartphone makers and wireless carriers, waiting till they roll out the latest version. Nevertheless, Google wants you to have android 4.4+ KitKat to run this app. Google has released this app for those of you who haven’t gotten the latest version of OS yet, so now Google camera is available in a standalone download. It is highly intuitive, like everything in Android, application for quick and easy snapshots, featuring several creative modes –lens blur, photo sphere and panorama.



Retrica is a camera app for enhanced selfies. The app has a fairly familiar feel and over 80 vintage filters, most of them are free, while some require an upgrade via in-app purchases. The design is clean and simple and you will be able to take stylish photos in high-resolution. The filters are very well designed and ample, but the best part is you can apply the filter before you take a snap. The app allows you to set intervals between the pictures to take several images in the row. The features worth mentioning are vignette, self-timer, out-of-focus, photo booth with different layouts and customizable borders.



Last week, media outlets were buzzing with news about Dropbox updates, and Carousel is one of them. It is a brand-new application for browsing and storing your photos and videos. If you want your pictures to be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account as you take them, you simply will want this app. You can also share them with your friends via this app, too. Obviously, Dropbox wants to be your one stop for all of your photos and videos.



This is yet another nifty camera app, which enables you to take two pictures at a time – one with your front camera, other with your back camera. Moreover, it enables you to share those two images as a single snapshot. This app makes for fun selfies that have stories to them – you can write short captions with your pictures and mention your friends and hashtags on them, as well as add locations and places of interest. Frontback supports Twitter, Facebook and tumblr, but also has a native social network to it. The app has been a hit on iTunes and now it has come to Google Play. It is available free of charge, so grab the deal.