20 Useful Tips for Legend of Grimrock on iOS

The iOS port of Almost Human’s PC-game Legend of Grimrock was released a couple of weeks ago, and it’s one of the most in-depth RPG games we have ever seen on mobile. From the in-depth party customization, to the extremely challenging puzzles, and of course the strategic combat system — this is a game where most people aren’t going to mind a little bit of help here and there. Below, we’ve got a few different tidbits split up into three categories to help you along your journey.

Setting up and managing your party

  • Chances are if you’re looking up a guide for the game, you’ve probably already played it a bit and created your party. Pretty much any composition can work, but ideally you’d want two melee characters and two ranged characters with the melee in front and the ranged in back.
  • Remember, ranged characters don’t have to be mages, you could also do a rogue that specializes in throwing weapons or something like that.
  • Mages are pretty much useless if you don’t put at least two points into a specific school of magic, and they take a while to level up so it’s really important you do this at the beginning.
  • Make sure you are putting your torch on one of the ranged characters in the back, because you’ll want to use shields for your front-line characters so they take less damage.
  • Long spears can be used to melee from the back row, so you should keep these on your back row characters just in-case they run out of ammo.
  • Back row characters also are unable to evade attacks, so you can give them heavy armor without worrying about the penalty factor a front-line character would receive for not having the proper attributes.
  • You’ll also want to keep an eye on your carrying weight, and swap out heavier armor for something lighter if necessary, and then drop the heavy armor to free up some weight.
  • If your carrying weight gets close to capacity you’ll start to slow down, and eventually you’ll just need to drop stuff in order to move at a reasonable rate of speed. One thing you can do, is mark the spot on the map where you dropped your items, just in-case you ever need to go back and get something for whatever reason (it can definitely happen).
  • Don’t eat food until your character is just about to go hungry, as over-eating is simply just a waste of food that you might need later. Also, make sure you eat food that weighs the most first, and save the lighter food to keep weight down.
  • Sleep as in-frequently as you can, in order to cut down on food consumption.

Puzzle solving and exploration

  • You can save at any point in the mobile version of the game, so make sure you create a fresh save at the beginning of any puzzle — just in-case you get mixed up or confused, and just want to restart from scratch.
  • Holes in the ground may look dangerous, but sometimes there can be some really useful loot at the bottom of the hole. You can always make a new save, jump down to see what happens, and if it was a trap you can just re-load and skip it.
  • Use your throwing rocks to flip a suspicious switch or lever, just in-case there is a surprise trap waiting for you. You can always go and pick up the rock (plus they are pretty common), so don’t worry about wasting them.
  • Just because you flipped a switch and didn’t notice anything happen, doesn’t mean that nothing happened. Quite often, a switch will open a door or something on another area of the map, so go back to any locked doors you recently saw and see if they opened.
  • There are a ton of hidden areas that aren’t part of the main story, and you’ll completely miss them if you aren’t actively looking for them. Just take your time and examine every wall you come across, look for an out of place brick, or some other suspicious element to see if it activates a hidden area.

Mastering the art of combat

  • Utilize doors and gates to escape combat or mitigate damage if possible. You can cast a poison cloud on your enemy, quickly run behind a door and close it, and the enemy will continue to take damage. You can even quickly open the door, cast poison, and shut it again — and then repeat the process until it is dead and you’ve taken no damage.
  • As long as you’ve got at least four tiles to work with, you can kill pretty much any enemy without taking damage. Just learn their attack times and dodge move to the side briefly before they are about to attack — you should never just stand still and wait for your character’s attacks to become available, while the enemy sits and attacks you.
  • Always remember to pick up any projectiles your ranged characters may have used. These aren’t entirely common, especially early on, so don’t waste any of them. Most of the time they are picked up automatically if you walk over them, so it shouldn’t be a huge issue.
  • Mages are able to prepare their spell prior to engaging in combat, which will save you a second or two of fumbling around trying to get the correct spell drawn out.
  • Single tile groups of enemies should be focused with spells as much as possible, as these deal damage to all of the enemies on the tile, whereas melee only hits one.

That does it, 20 tips for Legend of Grimrock! Now it’s time to get out there and crawl through that dungeon with your newly found knowledge. Good luck, and make sure to drop a comment below with any other tips you’ve got, or questions you may have about anything in this guide.