3 Android apps that can speed up your mobile Internet connection

We can buy outrageously expensive flagships, with amazing hardware that let us play the most resource-demanding games, but the struggle to get a better Internet connection remains. Sure, you might be lucky enough to have good WiFi at home and even in the office, but it’s certainly not that easy when it comes to public hotspots.

Regardless which Internet connection you’re eager to improve, there are some great apps that can really help in this department.

Internet Speed Booster

This free app is incredibly simple, and by that I mean it will do everything to boost the speed of your Internet connection without you having to configure anything. According to the developer it can improve your Internet connection’s speed by 40-80%, depending on the device.

Internet Speed Booster will automatically adjust some settings, specifically it cleans the DNS cache, kills some background tasks and tweaks the average parallel connections, all of which will ultimately speed up your connection.

And besides the fact it actually works, all you have to do is install the app, launch it and then tap on “Start Boost”.

Download Internet Speed Booster (Google Play)

Open Signal

Open Signal is a free app, based on crowdsourced data which lets you map cellular coverage, regardless what type of connection you’re looking for.

It includes coverage maps so you can easily find the places with the best signal, as well as a WiFi map. Open Signal also displays local cell towers on the map and includes a compass which points in the direction from where your signal is coming from.

The app can do other things, among which it allows you to test the upload, download and latency of your connection and can also show which carrier offers the best speeds in your area.

Download Open Signal (Google Play)

Connection Stabilizer Booster

Finding an area with better signal and speeding up your Internet connection can definitely be life savers, but if you’re struggling with a poor data connection (and obviously no superior alternative) that’s unstable and drops often, Connection Stabilizer Booster can surely come in handy.

This app has three different parts: Active Keep Alive – this feature ensures your connection remains up even if you’re experiencing frequent disconnects for whatever reason and if needed, it also optimizes the TCP/IP parameters; Active Reconnect – this feature acts similar to Active Keep Alive, except it tackles connection problems caused by carrier and device issues (this particular feature requires root access if your phone is running a version of Android Lollipop); Force Connect – the third and last feature promises to do some magic and re-establish your Internet connection even on congested networks.

Download Connection Stabilizer Booster (Google Play)

Once in a while, you’ll probably want to test your mobile connection – otherwise you couldn’t accurately track the effect of any optimization app or settings you might be using. From the apps featured in this post, Open Signal lets you do that.

However, if all you want is a Internet connection speed test app, we recommend Ookla’s Speedtest.net app. It’s easy to use, reliable and offers detailed graphs but also a history of previous tests so you can track the performance of your connection over time.

Are you using any apps to optimize and/or find better Internet connections? Tell us if you know other great apps for boosting Internet speed in the comments section or leave us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.