3 Easy ways to increase your privacy in WhatsApp

WhatsApp may not be incredibly popular in the U.S. but it sure is in other parts of the world as the messaging app hit 1 billion users last month and its growth rate shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Just like any other app in which you can chat and socialize with others, the delicate issue of privacy arises. It’s always a good idea to ensure those outside your contacts list can view as little information about you as possible.

After all, it’s OK for your friends to see your personal profile info, but I’m guessing you wouldn’t want just about any WhatsApp user having access to it. With that said, here are 3 super simple things you can do in WhatsApp to increase your privacy.

Disable ‘Last seen’

1 WhatsApp disable 'Last Seen'

This may not seem like much, but if someone would want to stalk you, the ‘Last Seen’ stamp would allow complete strangers to see the last time you’ve been online on WhatsApp. You can change the visibility of this information on both iOS and Android, under Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy. There, you can set the ‘Last Seen’ stamp to be visible for ‘Nobody’ or ‘My Contacts’ instead of ‘Everyone’.

Lock the app

The best way to prevent anyone from snooping through your WhatsApp messages is to lock the app behind a passcode. There are third-party apps you can use for this purpose, regardless if you’re an iOS or an Android user. Such apps allow you to create a passcode which is required every time someone wants to open WhatsApp. Check out our recommendations:

iOS – Install Password for WhatsApp Messages (iTunes)
Android – Install Messenger and Chat Lock (Play Store)

Make your profile picture visible only to contacts

In the Privacy menu where the ‘Last Seen’ stamp’s visibility can be altered, you have the same options for your profile photo. Of course, if you’re OK with everyone being able to see your picture, you can leave it like that. Otherwise, set it so only your contacts can see it, or if you’re really privacy-conscious, select the ‘Nobody’ option.

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