3DP Chip: A very easy driver finding utility

Chances are everyone has had to download a driver for whatever piece of their hardware at least once in their computer’s life. If you are familiar with the hassle involved when looking for a new driver then you will be glad to hear 3DP Chip will automatically find new drivers for you.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process is quite fast and easy. You only need to be careful because it will try to install some third party programs that you might not want. Simply uncheck their respective boxes and do not carelessly click next. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ 7/8 and Windows Servers 2003/2008.


When you first start the application it will automatically detect all of your hardware as well as their drivers. It will then connect to the internet and check if your currently installed version is the latest. If it is not, it will be outlined with a red line. Simply clicking on any outdated devices will take you to 3DP Chip’s website where you can download the latest drivers with a few more clicks. Simply choose your operating system from the list and download the drivers. If you do not know what your OS is, the application gives you that information in the bottom of the main window. In case you notice a “plus” button on the right of your hardware, it means you currently have more than one driver installed and you can rotate between them by clicking on that green button.

The application is so simple that even people who have never manually downloaded a driver in their lives will find it extremely easy to use. The fact that it gives information on the Operating Systems means that even the least experienced users will find it extremely easy to download new drivers. Moreover, clicking on the “ABC” button will give you different translations of the program in the currently supported languages. If you would like to contribute, you can either press the black “plus” button that will take you to the new translation page or directly donate to the developers through the respective tab.

In the “Update” tab of 3DP Chip you can update the software, download an Ethernet driver if you have just installed a Windows version that does not have one by default and benchmark your system and compare it with an online board. The extra tools are very handy, especially the ability to download an Ethernet driver. Not only will you be able to immediately connect to the internet but you can also continue updating all of your other drivers as well.


-Extremely easy to use interface for everyone
-Experienced users will really like the detailed information about each driver and each piece of hardware. You will find even more in the download page for each one.
-The extra tools are a very welcome addition for the nature of the application
-The ability to directly report a question or a bug through the interface


-None that are worth mentioning


3DP Chip is truly a program that everyone can make use of. Inexperienced users will be blessed with the ability to quickly download drivers without mistakes as the application will simply find all the relevant information for them. Experienced users will really appreciate the quickness of the application and they can even check it every couple of weeks instead of scouring the web for updated information.