4 Clever Android apps that can help you sleep better

Modern devices like computers, TVs and smartphones are usually blamed to cause sleep issues, from the mere fact they are keeping us engaged in various activities well past bedtime to the so called ‘blue’ light they emit, which tricks our brains into thinking it’s still day time.

Interestingly enough, your Android smartphone or tablet can become a valuable sleep aid, as long as you use the right apps for the task. Of course, there is no app capable of turning 7 hours of sleep into 9, or that can silence your noisy neighbors at 2 AM but still, you might be surprised what varied and amazing features sleep apps can offer.

Hopefully, after you try some of today’s picks, you’ll come back to thank us tomorrow morning.

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga

Price: Freemium

Relax Melodies

Night time should ideally be quiet and the only sounds we hear should come from nature. But the urban jungle never sleeps and you might not be so lucky to live in a quiet area. In this case a white noise app like Relax Melodies can fill your room with ambient noises and help your brain relax before sleep.

The collection of noise samples is impressively large and you can create your own playlists which can also include music. On top of that, the app includes binaural beats, but these and other sounds are available only in the $2.99 pro version.

Sleep Timer (Turn music off)

Price: Freemium

Sleep Timer

Not everyone likes to fall asleep listening to random white noise. If you’d rather drift to dreamland while hearing your favorite soothing music, an app such as Sleep Timer can be of help as you can set it to turn off the music after a defined period of time.

This way you get to fall asleep while listening to music, and not wake up later because the music is still playing. Sleep Timer (Turn music off) works with many music players as well as YouTube. Also, it allows you to create multiple timer presets and switch between them as needed.

Sleep as Android

Price: $4.99 (free 14-day trial)

Sleep as Android

The sleep cycle is made of alternative light and deep sleep phases and Sleep as Android is an app that can track your sleep patterns and detect the phase you’re currently in.

It also makes sure to never wake you up while you’re in a deep sleep phase – those are the times when you get out of bed feeling suspiciously tired. Sleep as Android will wake you up with a gentle alarm sound when you’re in your lightest sleep phase.

Truth be told, this app is like a Swiss Army knife for all sleep related things. From tracking sleep patterns, smart selection of wake up time and soothing alarms to sleep statistics, CAPTCHA wakeup verification (to ensure you don’t go back to sleep after dismissing the alarm), integration with several health apps and many other useful features.


Price: Free


Remember what I said about the ‘blue’ light mobile devices emit, which can reduce the quality of your sleep? That’s because our brain is signaled by the blue sky to know it’s time to wake up. And the screens of modern devices also emit a bluish light, which confuses our brains and disrupt our sleeping patterns.

The most convenient fix for the problem is to use an a screen filter like Twilight. It applys a blue-cancelling filter on the screen of your phone or tablet, so you can use them in the evening without lessening your chances of getting a restful sleep.

Twilight needs to know your location to know when the sun sets in your area. It also allows you to set the intensity, temperature (warmth), and screen dim levels of the filter. Furthermore, users can set time intervals during which the filter should be applied automatically.

What other sleep apps have you used so far and how did they help you improve our sleep? Let us know in the comments section below or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.