4 Friendly note-taking extensions for Chrome

There are several note-taking extensions for Chrome you can try if you want to easily write down your ideas as you’re browsing the web. After all, using the old pen and paper is hardly an ideal solution in our modern era.

You might have a desktop app for taking notes but using a Chrome extension comes with its own benefits. For instance, an extension is lightweight and won’t clutter your system plus you can easily remove it from the browser should you not find it useful anymore.

The good news is, there are some excellent note-taking extensions for Chrome in its Web Store you can try so here are our favorite ones.

4 Simple note-taking extensions for Chrome

These browser add-ons will allow you to quickly take notes in Chrome. Check them out and let us know which one’s your favorite and/or if you know other great note-taking extensions.


Papier - note-taking extensions for Chrome

If you’d like a no-thrills note-taking app, Papier is the perfect solution. You don’t need an account, a mobile app or anything else but the extension itself.

After you install it Papier shows uup when you open a new Chrome tab. It’s basically a never-ending note which can be as long as you want it to be. It provides a nght mode that displays white text on a black background and the basic text formatting option allow you to make your text bold, underlined, italicized or add a strikethruogh.

There’s no need to manually save notes as Papier will do that automatically.

Google Keep

Google Keep - note-taking extensions for Chrome

Since you’re using Chrome, why not give Google Keep a try? This simple free app lets you customize the color of your notes and they’ll also be synced between Chrome and the Google Keep apps for iOS and Android.

The Chrome app lets you sort your notes by adding labels and offers the ability to create check lists as well. What’s more, Google Keep allows you to attach photos to your notes, set reminders, share notes va email and copy them to Google Docs.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes - note-taking extensions for Chrome

Sticky Notes is another minimalistic note-taking extension that works a lot like Papier. There’s no sync capability and it displays as just one note. Also, you don’t have to create an account but you can’t make lists either.

Nevertheless, Sticky Notes doesn’t show up in a new tab, but it can be accessed via its icon located in the Chrome URL bar. Simply click on it to display the note in an overlay pop-up. You can set the note page’s size from the 6 provided presets and the same number of options are available for the background color.

The extension doesn’t provide text formatting options except for the font and font size.


WorkFlowy - note-taking extensions for Chrome

WorkFlowy is a great choice if your note taking needs require some sorting. With this Chrome app you get a blank canvas where you can start adding plain bulleted lists.

However, these lists can be customized in various ways. For example, you can click on a bullet and zoom in on that item and add more information to it. So you can easily create structured notes and add a ton of details whenever you need it.

WorkFlowy requires you to create an account but it comes with the benefit of syncing your notes between the Chrome app and its iOS and Android versions. Moreover, you can sort notes using tags, share them, mark items as complete and use the built-in search.

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