5 Awesome new Siri features in iOS 9

The newly arrived iOS 9 sports multiple improvements and new apps, but the overhaul Siri received is one of the most important ones. The personal assistant comes with better search features, a new look and dozens of tweaks, for productivity and a better experience in general.

It won’t read your palm or anything like that, but it would be a shame not to take advantage of all the great things Siri has to offer in iOS 9 so here are some of its best new features.

Search photos by date or location

Siri - Photo search by location

The Photos app lets you manually search for photos and videos from a certain date , as well as by location, but now you can simply tell Siri to do all the work for you. You can either specify an exact location and the date doesn’t have to be a specific day, it can also look up all photos from a certain month or year.

Get transit directions

Siri - Get transit directions

Apple Maps now include transit directions, so you can simply ask Siri for subway, bus and train routes as well as stations. The bad news is, transit directions are only available for a limited number of cities right now. However, you can expect this feature to gradually become available in more locations.

Locate friends and family

Siri - Find friends

The new Find Friends app lets you quickly locate your friends and family, plus it’s integrated with Siri, so you can simply ask the assistant for the whereabouts of a particular contact. The person’s current location will be marked on a map. If you tap on their location, the Find Friends app will open and from there you can contact the person as well as set a notification to alert you when they’re in a specific location.

Contextual reminders in Safari, Mail and Notes

Siri - Contextual reminders

In iOS 9 you can ask Siri to remind you about some piece of content you’re currently looking at on your phone, without specifying what that is. The assistant is now capable of understanding the context of your request and set a reminder accordingly. Say you’re reading an interesting article on Safari – you can simply ask Siri “Remind me about this.” and she’ll know what you’re referring to. Of course, you can also specify a certain location or time when the notification should appear and view/manage them in the Reminders app.

Unit conversions and math equations

Siri - Math equations and unit conversions

There are plenty of apps that can perform these operations for you, but you won’t need them anymore on iOS 9. Siri can now make all the calculations needed for unit conversions and math equations. The answers are quickly displayed in a small panel and I’m sure this particular feature can be of use to anyone.

What’s your take on Siri’s latest improvements? What else would you like the assistant do for you that’s not yet available?

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