5 Best Alternatives to Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best maps and navigation services out there. On top of that, it’s getting updates and new features on a regular basis. That along with the fact it’s a Google product has made it extremely popular.

Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone is a fan of Google, especially when it comes to their data collecting algorithms. Also, Google Maps is basically useless in countries such as China. Safe to say, some people can’t or just don’t want to use Google’s navigation services.

5 Best alternatives to Google Maps

Regardless of your reasons, there are some other excellent choices available, which is why we’re going to discuss the best alternatives to Google Maps.

Here WeGo (Android, iOS, web)

Best alternatives to Google Maps

Remember Nokia Here? It was acquired by the BMW, Audi, and Daimler car consortium for almost $3 billion so it’s safe to say it’s worth checking out. Now called Here WeGo, the service provides all the essential features such as routes, navigation and places to visit, but also support for over 200 countries and other details like public transport info and prices.

Moreover, Here WeGo also provides up-to-date route conditions using various types of information like speed cameras, police reports, construction sites and even Twitter feeds to ensure it always suggests the fastest route. The best part about it, is you can also use it offline – no need for an Internet connection as long as your device has a working GPS.

Bing Maps (web)

Before becoming Bing Maps, Microsoft’s map service was called MapPoint. That was quite some time ago, in fact, this service has the same age as Google. Obviously, it had the same time to amass an impressive collection of features among which you’ll find 3D views and a traffic view.

Bing often selects different routes than Google, and while the latter might be better at travel planning, Bing provides OS maps, 3D views and even a feature similar to Google’s Street View.

BackCountry Navigator (Android)

BackCountry Navigator is the perfect navigation solution if you love hiking and other outdoor activities as it provides detailed topography, something most similar services, including Google Maps, are lacking.

It relies on multiple sources like OpenCycleMaps, USTopo, and nautical maps from the NOAA RNC to offer comprehensive topography data. You can even manually enter the longitude and latitude coordinates of your location, which is perfect when you’re somewhere in the middle of the wilderness.


Waze (Android, iOS, web)

If you need up-to-date information about your current route, such as checkpoints, speedcams, hazards, construction sites and other traffic information, Waze is definitely one of the best alternatives to Google Maps.

All that wealth of information is powered by an extensive community and it works so well that Google acquired Waze back in 2013.

Waze also lets you track the locations of your friends and even other Waze users however it’s worth noting this app was designed for drivers and isn’t very suitable if you just need some walking directions.

Navmii (Android, iOS, Blackberry)

Navmii is another awesome maps and navigation service that includes all the essential features such as nearest locations, turn-by-turn navigation, satellite views and bookmarking among others.

It also supports more than 85 countries and can alert you of any changes for your route such as construction sites, speed limits, slow-downs, construction sites, speed cameras and so on.

Navmii is also powered by the community when it comes to traffic updates and lets you perform custom searches. It also has an interesting feature called Driver Scoring. It uses the movement and GPS sensors located in your smartphone to rate your driving.

These are some of the best alternatives to Google Maps. However, we’re aware there are more great options out there so please let us know if you have other recommendations!

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