The 5 Best Android Apps for drawing and sketching

Android Drawing

Sketching on Android has become pretty popular, especially among tablet users. You can obviously draw and sketch on your smartphone as well but tablets work much better due to their large screens. There are quite a few great apps for drawing purposes and we are going to show you five of them here. If you have any more suggestions, make sure you drop a comment to let us know!

Sketch Master by BariLab

Sketch Master

One of the most popular apps in this category and for good reason. Sketch Master provides a lot of exciting features that will appeal to your inner artist and some of them are quite advanced like unlimited layers and support for 3000% zoom. The layers can be ordered freely and there are seven great brushes available. The app is free and is supported by advertisements.

Infinite Painter by Sean Brakefield

Infinite Painter

There have been some amazing sketches made with Infinite Painter and for good reason. There are more than 100 brushes separated into categories that are easy to navigate and it also integrates greatly with styluses, including NVIDIA’s DirectStylus. The great use interface and tons of features will be loved by professionals and amateurs alike. Infinite Painter will set you back $4.99.

SketchBook Pro by Autodesk, Inc.

SketchBook Pro

One of the oldest and most improved drawing apps on Google Play, Sketchbook Pro sits comfortably among the top drawing apps out there. With features like the ability to create large canvases, full multi-touch support and a customizable user interface, there is much to like here. And if you are a deviantART member, you will be able to share your art directly from the app. SketchBook Pro’s many features will cost you $4.99.

 Sketcher PRO

Sketcher PRO

This self-described “fun procedural drawing tool” is a port of the Harmony project and includes over 12 brushes, an adjustable canvas and a great user interface. Other utilities include the ability to open any image and set it as your background as you are working on it. It is more basic than other apps in its category but is definitely one of the most fluid ones. It will also cost you $1.99 which is lower than most.

ArtFlow by ArtFlow Studio


No sketching list is complete without ArtFlow, an app that has perhaps the most features out of any other app in this category, at least in the paid version. The free and basic version will show you what the application is capable of but you will need the Pro version for professional drawing. You will then gain access to over 70 brushes, tools, a high-resolution canvas, the ability to export files in Photoshop’s format and palm rejection, an app-specific feature that recognizes accidental palm gestures and does not zoom in when it happens. As I mentioned before, the basic version is free while the professional one will cost you around $5.