5 Challenging tower defense games for Android

Tower defense is a really old game genre that was successfully adapted for mobile devices. It’s not quite as popular as it used to, but many people still love tower defense for the simple controls yet often intricate strategies required to progress. Luckily, there are quite a few tower defense games for Android devices, although the best ones are often entire game series.

5 Challenging tower defense games for Android

Today’s roundup features some of the best tower defense games for Android, that provide high replay value and plenty of content to unlock. Enjoy!

Bloons TD 5

tower defense games for Android

The latest title in the Bloons TD series is a cartoonish game that retains all the classic elements of the tower defense genre. I’m actually a bit nostalgic about this game, as I remember playing some of its earliest versions on PC.

Worry, not, Bloons TD 5 has hundreds of missions and over 50 levels to keep you busy for a long time and more importantly it receives frequent updates.


tower defense games for Android

Fieldrunners 2 is one of the most addictive TD games – it provides a significant challenge from the AI enemies that have dynamic paths and besides various types of towers, you get to use special power-ups such as air strikes and mines to help you in critical moments.

Defense Zone 3

TD games for Android

Defense Zone 3 is a TD with more realistic graphics and if you think it might be one of those easy games you can just fly through think again – there are multiple difficulty modes, various types of battles as well as special abilities. The detailed graphics is also a plus if you enjoy a more grown-up looking game.

Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense

best TD games for Android

If you haven’t tried Tower Madness 2 yet, now would be a good time. The quirky alien enemies, vivid graphics and multiplayer competitions make it an amazing tower defense that can be played solo or with friends.

Besides some creative gameplay challenges and 9 different types of towers the game also comes with gamepad support, which is definitely interesting.

Kingdom Rush Origins

top tower defense games for Android

It would be very difficult to dismiss Kingdom Rush from being included in a roundup of tower defense games for Android. Origins is the latest title in the game series which retains the graphics and feel of the previous Kingdom Rush titles.

Besides TD elements, the game also includes RPG traits. You don’t just get to control towers, you will also command armies in an immersive fantasy world. Sounds interesting, right?

These are some of our favorite tower defense games for Android at the moment, but there are certainly more great titles available in the Play Store. What’s your favorite TD game right now?

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