5 Cool Android Apps This Week

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The following is a random compilation of productivity, customization and entertainment apps, some of which are underappreciated due to lack of exposure, so check them out – they are worth it.

Holo Countdown

Simon Halvdansson

Holo Countdown 2

Holo Countdown is for the customization aficionados and aesthetes since its primary virtue is the beauty. It is a countdown widget and app in its core, designed beautifully, and focused on efficiency and flexibility, bringing a load of useful features under the hood. The app looks good on both smartphones and tablets with an intuitive UI that enables you to create multiple countdowns and manage them easily. It comes packed with two widgets you can place on the home screen and lock screen, so if you want to see how many days are left until that wedding anniversary, or your beloved grandma’s birthday, or the next corporate event, you can have all that information easily accessible.

The free version allows you to create only two countdowns at a time, and comes without widgets or online backup. The paid version allows you to have unlimited number of countdowns and comes with two beautiful widgets.

Holo Countdown


Groopic Inc.

This fun camera app lets you take a group of pictures, switching the photographer, and combining the pictures into a single shot with all the people, including the photographers, on the same joined image. All you have to do is take the photos, switch the photographers and the app creates an image where everybody is present and no one is left behind.

Groopic 1

This is a must-have app for someone who is always behind the camera taking pictures, so all your group pictures of vacations, family reunions and parties are on your Facebook wall, but without your precious self in them. If you ever encounter such a problem, Groopic is the right tool for you. It is free and offers sharing feature for $.99 only, so you can apply filters and create collages, as well as create unlimited group photos absolutely free of charge.

This app iseasy as it can be, and also offers little tutorial, but you won’t need it once you take a look at the screenshots on the Google Play page. The app is intuitive in use and lets you have all of your friends in the group picture, so why not try it out?

Wifi PC File Explorer


WiFi PC File Explorer

This tool is also waiting to be discovered by Android users, and there are a number of reasons why you may want to check it out. Wi-Fi file Explorer lets users manage their files and folders between their Android handset and Windows PC over Wi-Fi, enabling them to upload and download, stream, rename or delete files and folders, provided you are using Microsoft Windows PC. The app consists of two modules – Wi-Fi Explorer and Phone Explorer. There is a small learning curve when you set up the Wi-Fi Explorer, however it only needs to be done once and you can follow the instructions in the video tutorial. The app allows for image, audio and video streaming from your computer to your Android device without downloading, so you can watch movies and listen to music, browse images and view thumbnails.

WiFi PC File Explorer feat

The greatest thing about it is it’s compatible with devices as old as Android 1.6 and does not require root access, however it is limited to Windows computers only. Phone Explorer is a handy and advanced file manager with thumbnail support, options to delete, rename, move or copy any file and folder, view properties of files and folders and stream audio, video and images via MX-Player. The app comes in a free and paid versions, and it is not immediately clear what is the difference, except for the absence of ads in the paid version. Check out user feedback – you can launch a movie on a PC without speakers, and stream it to your Android device, turning it into speakers. Overall, user feedback is pretty impressive, so give it a try.


MedCV (Medical Computer Vision)

Recently, we reviewed the Inapp Translator app by the same developer, and just last week MedCV released Tweelingo, a nice little tool that allows you to instantly translate and tweet, as you communicate with users from other countries speaking different languages. Have you ever felt curious or willing to participate in a conversation that’s in a different language, for example Spanish and French, and while your basic knowledge allows you to understand what the conversation is all about, it is simply not enough to be able to contribute to the conversation adequately. This app addresses this issue and lets you interact with twitter users that speak a foreign language.


You can translate tweets into English without even closing twitter application, the same as in the Inapp Translator. The little floating window allows you to translate any tweet, or type in English and translate into the target language and copy-paste it into twitter with a simple tap. The app is simple and works like a charm, offering you seamless way of interacting with twitter users in a multilingual environment.

The app is also integrated with other apps, so you can use it to translate any text that you copied to your clipboard, allowing a simple and direct re-tweet of the translated text.

The app features 45 languages and is compatible with the official Twitter app, TweeCaster, UberSocial also known as Twitdroid, Seesmic, Twicca and Plume for Twitter. You can avoid copying to clipboard through the share option, which enables you to translate the selected text automatically, without copy-pasting to clipboard. It is also worth mentioning the app needs constant Internet connection to work, and doesn’t work off-line.

The app is free, but also offers premium upgrades, which remove ads and restriction of the number of translations. It relies on Microsoft translation services to translate your tweets, for which the developer pays, so the free version is fine unless you need high volume translations.

Unlimited Call Log


Unlimited Call Log offers a complete replacement for your Android dialer, contact list and call history featuring advanced control options that will make backing up and restoring unnecessary since your call history is no longer limited, and you can keep the entire log of all time, which is organized for browsing and search whenever you need to find an entry.

Once you install the app, it starts storing your call logs in a database where you can group, filter and search the history. Beautiful and intuitive dialer also features the smart search and speed dialer, with favorites and frequent contact available handy.

Unlimited Call History

You’ll also be able to keep track of your call statistics filtered by contact or for your entire call history. Switching between dialer, contacts, favorites and call history is one tap away, while UI offers a large variety of different color schemes for you to toy with to your heart’s content.

You can filter your call log according to contact, call direction and dates, as well as collapse and expand groups and sort call history, as well as remove unnecessary items one by one or in bulk. Another nifty feature is you can sort call according to entry types, such as text messages or voice calls, call direction and date. Once you press the contact photo, you’ll see quick access buttons appear to call or send a text message.

The dialer features speed dial buttons, DTMS codes, quick search and quick access to voice mail. Contact list is easily customizable and flexible, and you can perform quick actions to your contacts to call or send text message and navigate seamlessly through the lists as you search for a specific contact. Favorites feature large photos and quick access buttons to call and send text messages. Statistics is also cool feature here and you can export your call logs to XLS and CSV files.

This app might not be on the front page of Google Store, but rather a hidden gem waiting to be appreciated.