5 Fantastic Endless Runner Games You Should Try

One of the oldest, most addicting, and currently very popular game genres, is non other than the endless runner. These games commonly involve the player controlling one or more characters, and trying to navigate them through a fast paced scenario with tons of obstacles. Some of the greatest mobile games ever created are a part of this genre, and today, we’ll look at five endless runner games you need to check out. A few of these may sound familiar to you, but hopefully you’ll find one or two that are brand new to your device.

Into the Dead – Available on iOS/Android


First on the list is Into the Dead, which is a really interesting endless runner, due to the fact that it gives you some serious firepower to help you get as far as you can. The game puts you in a zombie apocalypse scenario, which granted isn’t all too innovative, but the dark and gritty visuals help make this came look and feel unique. Into the Dead offers plenty of side-missions and goals to work on as you try to improve your maximum distance, and of course there’s a friendly leader-board for players to compare their skills to others. Overall, this is a really great game, and is certainly one of the most unique endless runners on the market.

One Epic Knight – Available on iOS/Android


Personally, I love RPG and dungeon crawler games, and One Epic Knight does a great job of incorporating some of the mechanics from those genres into the endless runner style gameplay. Fully equipped with player upgrades, such as power-ups, potions, and even some very interesting costumes — this game has a lot to offer. As you progress through the dungeon, everything slowly gets more and more intense, before breaking out into complete and utter chaos.

Max Axe – Available on iOS/Android


This is a game I’ve been playing quite a bit recently, and even did a full review of it (link below). Max Axe really is a lot of fun, but is somewhat plagued by pacing issues. However, after you’ve played enough of the game, you’ll eventually be at a point where the upgrades compliment the difficulty quite well, and the game becomes even more enjoyable. Every single time you purchase an upgrade, your character receives some sort of visual upgrade — well, some sort of visual change, to represent the new item. The game isn’t quite as fast paced as others, or at least it doesn’t feel as fast paced, which might make it more appealing to casual gamers as well.

Check out Pocketmeta’s full review of Max Axe here!

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 – Available on iOS/Android


Adult Swim has created quite a few note-able titles for mobile devices, and the highlight of these games is definitely RUA2. This is a side-scrolling endless runner, that puts the player in control of a magical unicorn trying to navigate through the clouds by staying atop the platforms — all while avoiding giants trying to kill you, and collecting currencies as you work towards side-missions. I really enjoy the visual upgrade aspect of this game as well, just like in Max Axe, you always see a visual change with your unicorn when you unlock a new upgrade. The levels are very fun and intense, and you always feel the need to do “just one more run”.

Sonic Dash – Available on iOS/Android


Whenever you throw Sonic, the speedy hedgehog, into an endless runner scenario, it has to be a success. This game is great for nostalgic purposes if you are a fan of the classic Sonic series, and it serves as a pretty good endless runner in general. Unfortunately, there isn’t as much offered to keep players coming back compared to other games on this list, but Sonic Dash is still worth checking out.