5DFly Photo Design: Intelligent photo editing

Power Plans

With the host of photo editing applications out there, every one of them has to do something different in order to succeed. 5DFly Photo Design wants to provide an intelligent interface that is easy for anyone to use. The trial version gives unlimited access but places a watermark on the pictures.

Installation & Requirements

When you start the setup, the application will automatically detect whether you have the .NET Framework or not. If you do not, it will give you a link to download and install it before proceeding. Other than that, the setup should continue without an issue. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


While the interface is obviously inspired by Apple designs, it does not actually look like a clone as it has enough unique elements to make it stand out in the crowd. The developers of the application claim that the purpose of the program is to provide a smart yet easy to use interface that anyone can create beautiful pictures, even those that do not possess the technical knowledge to work with more complex photo editing software or that do not want to spend any time learning them anyway.

This is apparent in many areas of the program. When you boot it up, for example, you will get the option of viewing a video tutorial that will quickly show you all of the features of the application. This might not seem like much but there are not a lot of programs out there that go the extra mile to ensure that every user will be able to use the features to their full capacity. This also sets out the path for the rest of the program.

Moving on from that, project creation interface is also very intuitive. You can either create a new project completely from scratch or use one of the many existing templates. Obviously, these two options are reserved for advanced and casual users respectively. I should point out though that most aspects of the application are not actually advanced. 5DFly Photo Design does not aim to be a fully blown-out photo editing suite. Rather, it aims to provide enough options and complexity to satisfy everyone while keeping things simple.

The good news is that it does succeed in that, even though some aspects can be annoying. For example, you will notice that the application’s size is quite small. That is because it only comes with a bare minimum of content. Things like templates have to be downloaded when you want to use them. Although that is not exactly a bad thing, it can be mildly infuriating, especially if you want to use the program in a computer without an internet connection.

On the other hand, this can be good news to people that do not want to have too much stuff unloaded on them. The application loads extremely fast and the templates are very small. Templates are downloaded in batches as that is the main feature of the program. You get a lot of templates and photos together and create a whole load of them in one go. It is a very painless and quick process that also creates very neat results. Pretty much all aspects are automated anyway and that is precisely the reason why it is so easy for anyone to use it.


-Very helpful help contents, including a video tutorial
-Extremely easy for anyone
-Has enough options to satisfy all kinds of people
-Very fast processes


-A lot of things have to be downloaded on the spot


5DFly Photo Design sets out to provide everyone with the ability to create personal, great pictures and it clearly succeeds. In what level it does that, exactly, is up to you to decide but I can say that you should definitely give the program a try if you are even remotely interested in its features.