6 Android apps for all aspiring hikers

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With the abundance of activity related apps and services out there right now, it is hard to know where to start and where to stop. Hiking in particular is a touchy subject as it can lead you to dangerous territories if you do not know what you are doing. Because of that, you should only trust established apps that can really up your game and help keep you safe and sound in a time of need. Plus, you will get a whole new bunch of trails to discover so read on to see our picks for the top hiking apps out there.

AllTrails Free


I have talked to you about AllTrails before but the app is simply fantastic and cannot be missed. This is the app to get if you want to go out there and explore. The online database that is monitored in a partnership with National Geographic lists over 50,000 different trails. All of them are rated by users and provide information like difficulty, length and you can even same them offline to use them while hiking. The only downside is that they are all located in the United States. International users can give EveryTrail a go although it is not as good as AllTrails.

Map My Hike Free

Map My Hike

Staying on the subject of trails and mapping, Map My Hike is probably the best app for tracking your progress while hiking. It uses your device’s GPS sensor to measure distance, pacing and elevation while it can also measure things like calories burned based on the difficulty of your hike. It also uses Google Maps to mark your hikes and can present the data in graph view, a module that you can also upload to an online leaderboard.

Backcountry Navigator $12 (Free trial)

Backcountry Navigator

This is definitely one of the priciest offerings out there but the developers compensate for that by providing an insane amount of features while aiming to be the best in the market. The app wants you to be safe and can provide you with a variety of things like topological maps that are retrieved from various databases around the world. It can even use your GPs without data to help you navigate even when you are lost. The free trial lasts for 21 days which is more than enough to see the support Backcountry Navigator has for your region and whether it suits your needs.

Locus Map Pro €7.5 (about $8.30)

Locus Map Pro

Definitely one of the most featured-packed hiking applications out there. You can view topological maps online and offline, track your route, participate in geocaching hunting, use a voice guide, import tracks and trails and use GPS in a variety of ways. There are just a ton of things on offer and that price is well worth it if you are going to use at least the majority of the features. There is even support for third-party additions that add amazing things and you can even customize most aspects of the application without them.

c:geo Free

c geo

If you have not heard of geocaching before, it is time to get excited. Geocaching is the act of hiding and seeking hidden “treasures” via a GPS system. It is pretty much exactly like treasure hunting although far less dangerous and sometimes less exciting. C:geo is the unofficial app of the official geocaching.com services and should give you plenty of hours of fun. You can use this to plan hikes or simply find geocaches along the way when you are already hiking.

SAS Survival Guide Free lite version or Full for $5.99

SAS Survival Guide

Although I would not normally recommend such an application, SAS Survival Guide is admittedly pretty cool. Although the user interface is quite ugly for my liking, there are some fine features here that help forgetful or neglectful people like me manage their hikes and make them less dangerous. Apart from all the tips you can get about things like building a fire or navigating your way when you are lost, you also get additional features like a survival checklist so you know you have everything you need before you leave the house. The full version gives access to even more things, including the full book of the app’s author, former SAS solder John “Lofty” Wiseman.