6 Excellent, free photo editing apps for Android and iOS

There’s practically an endless number of photo apps and they can work in just as many ways. Some are more feature-rich camera replacements, others give you lots of cool fonts, stickers and other elements you can apply onto your images, there are also apps focused on image correction and enhancements and the list goes on.

Since everyone that has a smartphone with a camera attached to it, uses it at least every once in a while to take photos, having a reliable photo editing app can surely come in handy. With these apps you can improve the quality of your photos, fix minor flaws like blemishes and red eyes, apply various filters, effects and other adjustments that give images an artistic look but also add text and various objects that make photos more social-friendly among others.

Here are some high-quality apps you should definitely take a look at, if you want to make the most out of your photos, and the best part is they’re absolutely free.

Autodesk Pixlr (Android, iOS)

Autodesk Pixlr

Pixlr is an all-in-one photo editing app which includes a large number of features for just about any type of image editing in a stylish modern interface that makes using it a pleasure.

Pixlr offers enhancement and correction tools like the one-click auto-fix option, red eye removal, healing brushes and whiten teeth. There are essential editing options bundled such as resize, rotate and crop but also image adjustment options for brightness, contrast and so on.

The app provides an impressive number of lighting effects, borders and overlays, plus it can also be used to create collages and to make photos look like sketches and drawings. Pixlr includes sharing options for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email and it’s absolutely free with no in-app-purchases.

Photo Editor by Aviary (Android, iOS)

Photo Editor by Aviary

There’s so much you can do with Photo Editor by Aviary as this free app comes with a robust assortment of features. In its intuitive and easy to navigate graphic layout, Photo Editor bundles a complete set of basic editing tools which include color balance, image adjustments and a one-tap auto enhance option.

Furthermore, the app includes plenty of photo stickers, frames and text tools to create those perfectly re-shearable images, as well as several effects. Those who need more advanced image enhancement tools certainly won’t be disappointed, as Photo Editor offers adjustable color balance, color temperature, sharpen and blur options, focus, color splash – that lets you make a color really stand out and the must-have set of cosmetic tools – whiten teeth and red eye and blemish removal.

Aviary’s Photo Editor does feature in-app-purchases for more effects, but the free app is more than capable of pleasing most users.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Android, iOS)

Adobe Photoshop Express

The mobile version of Photoshop is definitely attention-worthy, as the app is aimed for all types of users and it’s way easier to use than its bulky desktop counterpart – although it does have a less extensive array of features.

Photoshop Express is really good for quickly editing images, including various dedicated tools like red eye and pet eye removal, one-touch auto-fix and blemish removal and even one-touch borders if you want to get creative without putting much effort into it.

Moreover, the app can handle high-res images, includes support for the RAW format and users can also use slider controls to fine tune clarity, exposure, contrast, temperature, shadows as well as other aspects of an image. While Adobe Photoshop Express is free, the app offers additional functions and features as in-app-purchases and there’s a Pro version known as Adobe Photoshop Touch, which costs $ 9.99.

AfterFocus (Android, iOS)


I always thought photos with focused subjects and blurred backgrounds look cool and give the feeling they were made by a professional. There’s an app for that! – as cliche as it may sound. AfterFocus lets you blur the background of any photo, and focus on whatever area you want to. The whole process is really simple: just draw some lines on those areas that you want to be focused and that’s it!

The background blur can be customized using a number of aperture styles or using the motion blur effect that puts even more focus on moving subjects. AfterFocus also includes a selection of interesting filters so you can have more fun while editing your images.

It’s not exactly a complex photo editing app but if you find blurred backgrounds attractive, AfterFocus is one of the easiest way to apply them onto any photo. The Pro version offers additional features, more filters and support for hi-res images, all of which can come in handy for those who tend to use the app often.

Photo Editor Pro (Android)

Photo Editor Pro

The word ‘pro’ in a title makes me think I’m dealing with a paid app, but this is one of the exceptions. Photo Editor Pro is one of the easiest ways to get professional photo editing results as an amateur.

It has many of the features found in other notable photo editors, from the basics to the considerable array of effects, frames and filters. Obviously it provides the now essential one-tap auto fix function, as well as adjustable, brightness, saturation, contrast, blur, sharpen, color temperature and the color splash feature.

Photo Editor Pro also lets you write and draw text onto your photos and offers various sharing options. There’s nothing that makes this app unique, but its robust set of features, the clean UI with straightforward functions and the fact that it’s 100% free make it a reliable photo editor you can use for most editing tasks.

Darkroom (iOS)


This interesting photo editing tool offers just 12 filters, but you can easily create your own. Darkroom is also a very good app if you need non-destructive editing as it supports an unlimited number of undos.

If for example, you managed to create an output you’d like to re-use onto another image, Darkroom lets you see your adjustments history so you can see exactly what you’ve done and like I already said you can save your string of edits as a custom filter for later use. Also, it will instantly import your images which can come in handy if you have a large collection of photos.

Darkroom is free and the only IAP is a $2.99 Curves tool that lets you tweak highlights, shadows and midtones of your photos.

Do you rely on one or more of these apps to edit your photos? What other cool photo editing apps are you using?

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