7 Apps To Spice Up Your St. Valentine’s Day, & Night. Mostly Night

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Flowers, candy, champagne, a dinner out or a party at a night club, the movies, theater or opera, art exhibition – ok, ok. The traditional set of St. Valentine’s festivities is only an official part of the celebration while most of those who have a mate on this day think about how to spice things up at night. Right? Because we’re celebrating love, so that’s what people are making. Some might argue two people don’t need technology to help them improve their relationship and sex life. Some might argue tech only separates us.

But what if you’re shy? Or, what if your partner is shy, but the two of you are more or less ready to explore a little beyond the traditional gymnastics, but can’t quite bring up the subject? Or, what if you dare not express your fantasies out of fear your other half might overreact? In this case, the apps don’t induce addiction to tech or set people further apart. This is where technology might bridge the gap and help the lovers find the common ground to expand that sex dialogue and their boundaries. Get to know each other better without taking the risk to affect your relationship adversely – that’s what some of these apps are meant to do. Combined, these apps will help you be more creative and daring when the time comes. Who knows, you might use some of them beyond February 14th, if you find the effect on your relationships to be beneficial and ultimately, very enjoyable.

Note: most of these apps are for mature 17+ audience.

spice logoSpice

Developer: PJP Develop
Download from Google Play

Spice is one of the go-to apps that lets couples explore their fantasies. The best feature of Spice is how privacy-focused it is. It puts both parties interests first. What does it mean? First of all, no registration. You don’t use any social networks or email to log in. Second, no syncing. You use one device, but at different times. Here is how it works. You install the app, and register two accounts – yours and that of your partner. Each account must have a different password. Next, you log in and take the carousel – where the app makes you answer a set of questions about the things you like, dislike, want to try, never want to try, or might discuss. You can block certain questions, so that they never show up in your carousel, ever again. In your account, you are able to see the breakdown of your answers. You can also leave comments next to some. You can mark some ideas as the ones you have tried, or plan to try. You’ll get it sorted out, although the icons may not be self-evident from the start.

Next, you log out, and your partner logs in. He/she will go through the series of questions, too. They are not necessarily in the same order as yours. Overall, take the time to answer at least a couple dozen of them. Otherwise, the app won’t have enough data to find matches. When that is done, you hit Spice and the app shows you a very interesting report. First, it shows you the compatibility score, then the things you both like, want to try, or wish to discuss. The app only displays the items for discussion only if both parties express interest in it. For example, if your partner wants to try it, but you are hesitant and wish to discuss it. If yo are alone in this, the item won’t show up on the list.

The app has a comprehensive list of settings that will help you tweak it to your liking. You can set the percentage of comfort versus adventure ideas, minimize or maximize the amount of kinky or BDSM suggestions in your carousel, and more. You can delete accounts or reset the answers altogether. The answers can be edited individually, too, if you change your mind. The free version offers 70 questions per day, a paid version unlocks all 650 questions. The app is inclusive of traditional, same sex and transgender couples.

Spice (41)


Developer: Fine Software Factory
Download from Google Play | iTunes

From Germany with love comes UnderCovers, an app with a suggestive title. Its premise is basically the same as in Spice, but it is not available in all countries and seems to have an issue with device compatibility, too. Even so, if it is available on your end, it’s worth checking out. The app lets you rate 99 fantasies and suggestions, connect to your partner and see only those that are a match for both of you. The app does not require any social network-related registration, and claims to be privacy-minded and anonymous, but since you and your parner can go through the questions on separate devices, there is some sort of syncing going on. On the other hand, you keep your account on your device, and not on that of your partner. When you open the app, it shows you a section of six categories – tap on one and start answering questions. The categories relate to different extents of norm and beyond – classics, role-playing, multiple partners, gimmicks, and stuff like that, but more extreme. The icons may not be self-descriptive, but you will know what you’re reading when you get to it.

You go through the questions Tinder-style by swiping through them, and each question has three options – like, dislike it, or indicate you want to talk about it. Provided your partner has gone through the same procedure, both of you can hit match and see where you coincide. The first match criterion shows up when both of you hit like. The other match criterion shows up when one of you selected like, and the other selected “talk about.” The app is a work in progress, and the developer’s website indicates the second version is in the works. It might be more inclusive of non-traditional couples. The free version lest you make 10 matches for free, and after that you can find only one match per day, or purchase the full version.

Sexycrets FREE Real Sex TipsSexycrets FREE Real Sex Tips

Developer: Marte Et Arte LLC
Download from Google Play | iTunes

Developers from the sunny California want to share their huge database of tips and ideas to make your nights and days more eventful. It’s a project under development, and more features for singles will be incorporated – such as match by chemistry and chat with your matches. As of now, it’s an extensive list of quite detailed and well-worded tips and suggestions. These make for a great insight about how your partner might feel about something, or what they might find appealing. The interface is easy to navigate, but if you want to favorite or share something, you will have to log in via Google or Facebook. Overall, the app features 250+ recommendations, and according to the reviews, the tips are applicable and make sense. Some people even say the app helped them get to know their loved ones better. It’s free, and if you just want to go through the tips you can skip the registration, so it’s worth a try.


BlissBliss – The Game for Lovers

Developer: Games For Loving
Download from Google Play | iTunes
Free demo, $11.99

Bliss, the Game for Lovers, is more suggestive and erotic rather than explicit. It’s like Simon Says, only for bedtime play. It is based on dice and board, where two of you throw the dice and complete the challenge in given time. The challenges are erotic and may work as triggers for more active play, but the game itself does not seem to bring you to the blatant action. It leaves it up to you.

It’s an erotic game in itself, but it might turn you on you if a subtle and implicative style is your thing. The app also tracks your favorite background music, your preferences and what you’re wearing. It features 700+ actions, 25 toys, 60 clothing options, and a way to add your own music to its library. Android users can try the demo while the full version is somewhat pricey for an app, and will set you off $12, but considering you can buy it for one device only, it may turn out to be a nice surprise for St. Valentine’s celebration. Perfect for heterosexual couples, long-time married couples looking to reconnect and get creative, great as a digital gift.


Developer: Spreadsheets – Data. In Bed. – Quantified Self Improvement for your Sex life
Download from iTunes

Remember Friends, and Monica’s obsession with order, compartmentalizing and organizing things? If you are that kind of personality, if charts and graphs drive you nuts, you will enjoy using Spreadsheets. It’s not some Excel app, no. It’s a performance tracker. Install the app, open it, place it next to your bed or wherever you’re doing it, and get to business. The app is listening, counting and estimating. Gasps, screams, thrusts, noise levels, speed, duration – harnessing the data collected through your device’s microphone and accelerometer, Spreadsheets shows just how good you are, or where you need to improve. No more silently counting in your head, gents, the app does it for you.

Fun, yet applicable, Spreadsheets is definitely one of the most productive productivity apps on the market. Oh, and it has achievements! So, you can quantify your bedroom activity, and keep track of how often you do it, or how different substances (don’t know what you’re thinking, I’m talking about beer) affect your performance.


Developer: SutraTaps Books & Reference
Download from Google Play | iTunes | Windows Phone Store
Price: lite or $2.99

The only app that has a Windows Phone version, and perhaps the most universal for the said purpose, iKamasutra features the well-written, detailed descriptions of positions and illustrations to them. They’re nothing explicit, yet clear enough to get the hang of the architecture. Offering 100+ positions in 9 categories, the app lets you track your progress as you explore the depths of this deep source of knowledge. You can search for positions based on intimacy, complexity and strength levels, create your list of favorites and add personal notes to positions. You can also email the positions to your partner, and even share them via Facebook or Twitter if you’re that kind of person. The lite version features 30 positions while the $3 one-time purchase unlocks all 110 3D positions. Optionally, you can enable the light sitar music to get you in the mood. There is also an option to password-lock the app to keep it from the prying eyes. If you are not sure where to start, shake the phone and the app will feature random suggestions. Have fun!

Bonus app:

LoklokLokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen

Developer: kwamecorp
Download from Google Play

No explicit or sex-related things here. That is, unless you draw them. LokLok is on the list for those who a) have a loved one living far away; b) is single and indulging in buckets of Ben & Jerry’s on St. Valentine’s Day; c) is good at drawing using your phone or tablet. And here is why. LokLok is a lock screen and a white board for Android devices that replaces your lock screen and shares it with that of the one you love, or a group of people, if you like. You can share notes, images, and drawings via LokLok, and your partner will see them on his or her lock screen. Notably, once the sender erases the message, it is gone forever. This is so for the privacy purposes, which makes perfect sense. If you are single and feel lonely, you can join the LokLok global network and send and receive the messages from strangers. It may keep you entertained on February 14 if you need someone to connect with. You can also connect the app to your Facebook, or choose to go all-private and stay anonymous – the app saves no history.

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