7 Best Sites for Fun DIY Crafts and Projects for Kids

Struggling to pull your children away from the screens? Why not help them unleash their creativity as you gain a chance to spend more time with them while they are at home?

This year has been a whole opportunity to pause and look at things at another perspective. But parents must ensure to not let the anxiety get into their children despite the changes happening around them.

Give your kids’ days a little twist with some DIY arts and crafts at home to bond to. Here are some of the best child-friendly sites to get new unique ideas on how you can energize and exercise your children’s inventiveness while you bond with them. 

Best resources for children activities

The Best Ideas for Kids

A site created by a mother, The Best Ideas for Kids stores a lot of crafts and activity ideas that you can do with your children at home. The site is, mainly, brings a community of mothers, teachers and caregivers together to share brilliant ideas including DIY activities, teaching methods and even recipes that can excite children and help them learn.

This site publishes simple guides for crafts along with a video that you and your children can watch and follow easily. Their art activities spans paper folding activities and other art ideas out of simple materials that you can find in your yard or inside your home.

They also have various activity suggestions that will allow children to use their senses, discover stuff and have fun.

If you’re getting into the trend of making slimes, The Best Ideas for Kids can also guide you with that.

Disney Family Fun Crafts

If your kids are into Disney and its characters, the Disney Family Fun Crafts site can really help you convince your children to do some arts and crafts. This site has a number of activities for creating Disney-inspired art stuff that the children will surely appreciate.

Do some art, cook with your kids or why not let your kids create their own party at home? The Disney Family Fun Crafts website is complete with DIY craft video guides, recipes as well as great party suggestions which includes party snack ideas, creating décor and invitations and a guide for hosting a party on your own.

You can also get free Disney-themed printable coloring pages if you need some low-maintenance activities to keep your kids busy.  

The Chocolate Muffin Tree

A blog created by an Art-major mom, The Chocolate Muffin Tree is a great site for enriching your kids’ creativity in a range of artistic media like painting, sculpture, collages, printmaking, drawing and more.

It has a detailed guide on different styles of art that your kids can easily follow. The Chocolate Muffin Tree also has a selection of crafts you can make out of recycled materials which is a good way to teach your children on recycling and sustainability.

You can also choose from a variety of creative outdoor activities, science projects and even cooking guides that you can do with your children.

Happiness is Homemade

With all its fun and pastel interface, the Happiness is Homemade website is a good source of DIY project ideas both for parents and children, from kids to teens and tweens.

You can find a range of home crafts and DIY ideas including cricut projects, creating batch and body products, home decors, gardening ideas and other activities that you can share and teach to your kids. There are also activities made especially for kid like arts and crafts and homeschool lesson suggestions and printable learning materials.

Happiness is Homemade also provides food recipes as well as holidays and party game ideas that you can make use of any time. You can also find free printable stuff including tags, labels, cards, games, and word searches that you can use for various activities at your very home.

DIY for Kids

Empowering kids to learn new skills, the DIY for Kids website offers a range of online courses with hands-on activities, how-to videos and an access to a great kid’s community. If you can’t convince your kids to refrain from staring onto their computer screens all day, then maybe DIY Kids is a good option as an alternative.

You can be sure that despite of staying online, your kids are learning and discovering in safe child-friendly site. It also encourages them to do DIY hands-on activities too and not just watch on the screen.

Courses offered on the DIY for Kids spans Photography, Strange Science, Drawing Bootcamp, Inventing Machines, Building with Legos, Minecraft and more. Activities are designed for every ages from 4 to 13+ years old.

All these are accessible at a subscription fee for $15-25/month depending on how many kids in your family will use the service. A free trial is also available for 14 days for a maximum of 4 kids.


STEMpedia has a collection of a bit more advanced DIY activities focusing mainly on AI and robotics. They publish comprehensive step-by-step guides which lists everything your kids will need to create robotic and technology projects at home.

The site also offers certificate learning courses on Artificial Intelligence and even introduction to programming for ages 7 to 10 years olds. The first lesson for each course is free, and if your child finds it interesting then the course can be purchased at a nominal price.

But if you are not looking for any courses and are looking for new arts and crafts ideas with a bit of technical approach for your kids, you can still make use of their free DIY activity guides published on their website.

From the traditional arts and crafts to more advanced projects and learning activities, there is a bunch of options for you to choose from. These sites can also help you maximize the benefits of technology and the internet for your family, especially the children.

Try to observe your kids’ capabilities and potentials and appreciate their talents. Afterward, you can try some of the various activities from the websites mentioned above that can enhance their skills and encourage them to learn even they are at home.