10 Useful Eternity Warriors 3 Tips

Since the release of Eternity Warriors 3 just a couple of months ago, players have had some time to explore the game and try out the new features. As with any game, even if there are predecessors of the game to base your strategies on, there’s always going to be new things for you to figure out and master. In EW3, this could be help figuring out where you should be training, which items you should fuse, and a variety of other things. Here, I’ve compiled a list of simple but very useful tips for you to utilize when playing Eternity Warriors 3.

Tip #1 – Always Check Your Free Inventory Space

Unless you’ve stumbled upon a large quantity of gems (either by watching ads or buying them), you’re probably stuck with the dreaded 40 item inventory capacity. This isn’t the end of the world, since most of the time you’ll only collect 5-10 items depending on what your doing, some extended stays in the Endless Mode will result in even more items. Unfortunately equipped items and reagents still count towards your inventory spaces, so in most cases you’ll need to have around 20 items occupied depending on where you’re at in the game.

Just always remember to keep checking your inventory every couple of levels, if you’re at 39/40 inventory, you’ll only be able to loot the first item you pick up in your next level. This can be devastating if you accidentally miss a rare or epic item just because your bags were full.

Tip # 2 – Fuse Without Breaking the Bank

A common dilemma players face is not knowing what items they should fuse, and this can be very time consuming if you try to calculate everything. As a rule of thumb, you should always stick to fusing items that aren’t weapons or rings — those two item types generally have the highest cost to EXP ratio.


One more thing to note for this tip, is that fusing only uncommon (green) and common (grey) items, will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. I know it may be tempting to fuse your previous rare item into your new epic item so you can get some quick fusion levels, but this is really expensive. Selling your unused rares, unused weapons, and unused rings, while fusing the rest of your items, is the most cost-efficient way to play the game.

Tip # 3 – Invest in the Future of your Character

Some players will loot a fantastic new item, but look at the “current” GS comparison and see a drop and then simply sell or fuse that item. Don’t do this — you need to look at the MAX GS comparison, this is how high the GS can get if the item is fully evolved. If the MAX GS is only 5 points higher, don’t bother with it, it’s not worth the investment you already made in your current item. However, if there’s a 25 point difference, or a 100 point difference, it might be worth it to set that item aside and slowly work on evolving it until it surpasses your currently equipped item.

Tip # 4 – Fully Explore Each Level

Unless you’re doing a speed run to achieve an “A” grade on the level, it’s worth the extra 15-30 seconds it takes to 100% explore a level. Once you’ve played a certain level enough, you start to know where the hidden chests would be should they be available, and you won’t need to “explore” as much. But at first, take an extra few seconds to look around, do this a few times until you know the ins and outs of the level. Make sure you take out every barrel, pot, crate, and chest to maximum your earnings.


There’s really no incentive to complete the level as fast as possible, other than being able to get right back in and start playing it again (or the next level). It’s up to you, but I’d recommend spending a handful of seconds to possible score a rare item or a few extra hundred – thousand coins.

Tip # 5 – Know Your Short-hands and Terms

You may have read a few different acronyms which you didn’t understand, or you don’t know the difference between a legendary and a rare item. Check this out: CC means Critical Chance, CD means Critical Damage, IIF means Increased Item Find, and ER means Energy Reduction. Common items are White/Gray, Uncommon items are Green, Rare items are Blue, Epic items are Purple, and Legendary items are Gold.

Tip # 6 – There are no Hacks or Cheats

If you were to do a YouTube search for Eternity Warriors 3, you’d quickly find a bunch of spam and fake programs claiming to be a gold generator or gem generator. These are fake, there’s no quick route to a legendary character, other than giving money to the game makers via the in-game store. Anything claiming to be a Save File Editor is also fake, as this game doesn’t even store save files on your device.

Spending your time looking for these cheats is just going to be a complete waste, and you could have spent that time farming gold or items in the game and actually progressing towards your goal!

Tip # 7 – Legendary Mode Awaits!

For players who are brand new to Eternity Warriors, you might be wondering why every level has a “Normal Mode” but there’s not other option available. This is simply because you won’t unlock the next mode, Legendary Mode, until you’ve completed every level in the game. You will also unlock the Mage class at the same time, so all the more incentive to keep gearing up your character so you can take on the final boss.

Tip # 8 – Types of Gear per Class

You should always focus on trying to obtain and evolve armor of resolve, there’s no point in working on any other type of armor. Monks and Warriors will benefit from focusing on Berserker Jewelry (Talisman and Ring), Mages could either go Berserker Jewelry or Vulture Jewelry. You should focus on getting weapons with ATK/CC/CD, or ATK/CD/IIF if you don’t have a ATK/CC/CD option.


This isn’t so important to follow early on, but as you start to reach your high teen levels, into the early 20s, it becomes very useful to have an appropriate set of gear.

Tip # 9 – Make Sure You Can Afford to Level Your Skills

IMG_0075.PNG (2)

Leveling up is a huge part of the game, it affects not only the gear you’re able to equip, but also the skills and the skill ranks you’re able to unlock. Early on, you won’t notice much of a hit to your gold total from leveling up skills, but in the high 40s, leveling up just one skill can run you up to a million coins or more. Making sure your skills are always fully leveled is vital to your success in this game, you won’t be able to survive off of a high GS alone.

Tip # 10 – Quest Often, Whenever You Can

Running through levels is one way of getting xp and coins, doing the Endless Mode is another, but when doing either of these, you should try to incorporate any available quests that might coincide with your training. For example, you might want to run one level over and over again, but if you run the previous level two times to complete a quest, you’ll get a nice chunk of EXP and Gold as a bonus — you can then go back to running the level from your original plan.

IMG_0074.PNG (2)

Small things like that can make a big difference in the long run, so it’s important you fully utilize all of the tools you’ve been given in order to succeed in EW3.

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Thank you for reading these tips, and I hope you were able to benefit from them in some way or another. Please post your comments below, and list any other tips you may have for Eternity Warriors 3!