A1 Website Analyzer: Data gathering tool

A1 Website Analyzer is a shareware application that will let you retrieve information about any website that you visit and provide you with additional tools to do your work. The free trial of the program lasts for 30 days and is fully functional.

Installation & Requirements

The installation for the program is very fast. You will be presented with the usual options at first but after the setup is over you will have some more interesting options like sharing the program with your friends and opening your browser to see all of the other products offered by the company behind A1 Website Analyzer.  The applications supports all Windows operating systems from 98 and later.


When you first start the application you will see a box informing you of the two different modes that the program can run in. If you are a first time user with little experience in the field, you might want to enable the simplified easy mode. This will simply hide a lot of functions from the application and leave the main features like the website data gathering intact. You will find the simplified easy mode button in the toolbar of the application and you simply have to press it for the changes to take effect. Since the interface transforms in real time, you will notice the options that it will hide. If you actually need one of them then you only have to press the button once more and the interface will return to default.

All of the different options of the application can be found beneath the aforementioned toolbar. You can scan and analyze websites using all of the provided tools. Each utility has its own tabs that you can navigate in order to use all of the various tools and retrieve all of the information in any given website. To scan a website you simply have to enter its domain name to the appropriate field and press Enter. This will start the scanning process and you will be taken to a different tab in order to assess its progress. Information about the websites are scanned in real time but you will not be able to see much before the scanning is over.

The other tools of the program work much in the same way. Everything is kept quite simple and if you ever need help you can always access the very informative help files. Even the advanced options are explained using mostly non-technical terms that even inexperienced users will be able to understand. Of course, the application provides a ton of different customization options and that might be too much for some users. Still, the application is seamless in most regards, even offering an integrated browser so that you can check the websites without opening a separate browser.


-Fast installation
-Multiple modes to run the program in
-Tons of different options
-A lot of easy to use tools


-None that would be worth mentioning


A1 Website Analyzer is certainly a fantastic tools that anyone interesting in data mining or SEO should try. The application is very powerful without ever feeling clunky and that is already a step above from most other programs of its kind.