How To Open the app switcher on the iPhone X

The iPhone X is a gorgeous device. The crystal clear OLED screen, the bezel-less design, and of course, the state of the art hardware provide a superior experience. However, if you’re coming from an older iPhone model, you probably noticed a lot of features work differently on the iPhone X.

For example, Touch ID has been replaced with Face ID and since the home button is gone, accessing various essential features is not what it used to be. If you’re wondering how to open the app switcher on the iPhone X, we’ll show you exactly how it works!

How to open the app switcher on the iPhone X

Obviously, you can’t access the multitasking screen on the iPhone X by double-clicking the home button, because there isn’t one. However, Apple found a practical solution – the app switcher can now be accessed via s simple gesture.

open the app switcher on the iPhone X

To open the app switcher on the iPhone X, press the bottom of the screen and swipe up but pause when you reach the middle of the screen. A card will pop up from the left side of the screen right away, which means you managed to open the app switcher.

Then, you can swipe left and right to browse your open apps just like on previous iPhone models.

Using the method described above is perfect if you want to clear your open apps (or just some of them), or if you want to return to an app you’ve used a while back.

However, if you want to return to the last app you were using, we have an even better solution. Swipe from left to right along the bottom edge to return to the previous app. If you want to return to the app you were using, swipe from right to left.

All these new gestures on the iPhone X might feel like they’re a lot to take in but once you try them a few times you’ll see they’re both practical and easy to learn.

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