[Tip] Access Apple Pay from the lock screen

Apple Pay is a convenient method to pay for your purchased items, and there are many stores that support it. Even more so, considering you can also access Apple Pay from the lock screen so you don’t even need to unlock your iPhone in order to use it.

The optional Apple Pay shortcut on the lock screen is appreciated by numerous iPhone users. On the other hand, on the newer iPhone models, the Touch ID unlock works extremely quickly and trying to double-tap the Home button without unlocking the device is useless most of the time.

How to access Apple Pay from the lock screen

Below, I’ll explain how you can access Apple Pay from the lock screen on your iPhone, but also how to disable this optional shortcut if you find it annoying.

To enable its lockscreen shortcut, Apple Pay must already be set up on your device so assuming you’ve already done that, here’s how this works:

Access Apple Pay from the lock screen

Go to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay and in the Cards section you will find the “Allow Access When Locked” feature. Enable the “Double-Click Home Button” option if you want to be able to use the Apple Pay lock screen shortcut, or toggle it off if you have no need for it.

With the “Double-Click Home Button” option enabled, you can double-tap the Home button when your iPhone screen is locked to launch your Apple Pay card wallet.

It can certainly come in handy if you use Apple Pay often and even more if you also have it set up on your Apple Watch. Apple Pay is deeply integrated into iOS, so, for example, you can use Apple Maps to quickly view which shops and restaurants support Apple Pay.

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