How To: Access the Control Center on watchOS 3

watchOS 3 has significantly improved the usability of the Apple Watch. One of the new features that make a huge difference is the new Control Center. If you want to quickly get to essential commands on your wrist, you need to learn how to access the Control Center on watchOS 3.

How to access the Control Center on watchOS 3

With Glances being removed in watchOS 3, if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, the Control Center will be displayed. It couldn’t be any easier.

access the Control Center on watchOS 3

It’s no surprise the watchOS 3 Control Center is similar to the one available on iOS.

Here, you can view battery charge level, airplane mode, and a few more toggles for commonly used controls.

If you tap on the battery status icon, you can quickly place your iWatch in Power Reserve mode. And if you scroll down a bit you will find an AirPlay button that lets you connect to your AirPods, as well as other AirPlay and Bluetooth devices.

Besides AirPlane mode and Battery, the Control Center provides toggles for Do Not Disturb, Silent Mode, Ping iPhone, and Lock Device.

I know what you’re probably asking yourself right now, and the answer is no…..sadly, the Control Center is not customizable at the moment. However, it’s safe to say such a capability will surely arrive in a future watchOS update.

Also, The watchOS Control Center only has one card, so it’s not exactly like the one available in iOS 10. As a result, you can’t access music controls by swiping left. Nevertheless, you can simply click the Dock button and open the Music app to access them.

As you can see, it’s very convenient to access the Control Center on watchOS 3, and while you cannot customize the shortcuts, for now, the default ones are useful for any Apple Watch owner.

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