How To Access the Home Screen on the iPhone X

I think if there’s one thing people find weird about the iPhone X is the lack of a home button. It’s understandable because we’ve all gotten used to relying on the trusty home button which is now gone.

However, Apple has replaced all those shortcuts that required the home button with intuitive gestures. This has also changed the way we can access the home screen on the iPhone X, which is one of the most common actions performed on a smartphone.

How to access the Home Screen on the iPhone X

While some are still worried that the lack of a physical home button might make using the iPhone X less enjoyable, that’s certainly not the case! The device is as easy to use as one would expect and there is definitely no compromise when it comes to hardware and design.

access the Home Screen on iPhone X
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As I already mentioned, accessing the Home Screen on the iPhone X is now resumed to a simple gesture. Just press the bottom of the screen and swipe up. Whatever app or screen you were on will return to its icon through a smooth animation and the home screen will be revealed.


Because the iPhone X doesn’t have a physical home button (or a side button for that matter), accessing other features has changed as well. This includes shutting down the iPhone X and opening the app switcher among other things.

While the iPhone X provides new gestures to open and use most essential features, they are highly intuitive and convenient, so once you learn them all, you probably won’t want to trade them for the old home button.


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