Ace Translator: A complete translation suite

Ace Translator is a translation utility that comes bundled with a ton of tools like a text to speech interface for all of your translation needs. The program is offered as a trial version that lasts 14 days.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is very simple with all of the various shortcuts being created automatically, including a Quick Launch icon. It should also complete very fast due to a small file size. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The interface of the program is what you would expect from a translation tool. The top box is reserved for the source material while the bottom box will give you the translation. There is no need for you to know the language that the source text is from since the application can automatically determine it from its database. Each time you start the program, for example, you will see a text message saying “How are you?” in different langages. Hit the Translate button and they will be automatically detected and translated by the application to show you how it works.

The only thing you have to choose is the language you want to translate the source text to. Regarding the source, you do not need to copy and paste the text. You can import .txt, PDF and HTML files directly into the program in order to translate them. This is incredible for long documents since you will waste no time copying and pasting them to the program. The translated text can then be saved into various formats. You  can even immediately print it through the program.

What sets this application apart from most other translation tools is the text to speech feature. Not only can you listen anything that you translate, including the source text, but you can also save the audio to a separate MP3 file. You can then share that file with whoever you want. This can be used as a fantastic learning tool for people who want to hear new languages as well as for fun.


-Fast installation
-The ability to import a large selection of formats
-Very good translation
-Text to speech is an amazing feature


-None that would be worth mentioning


Ace Translator is a very good translation utility that also provides additional features for you to enjoy. The text to speech feature is pretty amazing and the fact that you can save it in an MP3 file can provide hours of education and fun.