How To: Add & Categorize Contents with Reading List app in Windows 8.1

If you are tired of getting mostly false information from the Internet, Microsoft provides you with an app, which allows you to filter through digital content efficiently. This is the Reading List app. It is a modern application, available in Windows 8.1. You can also download it from the Windows Store for free. The Reading List app lets you bookmark the contents that interests you on the web or in other apps, so that you can view them whenever you want. These contents are organized into categories, in order to find them easily. Note that by default the contents are organized in a chronological order.In this tutorial we are going to show you how you can add and categorize the contents, which you find interesting. Let’s get started.

Find the Reading List app in Windows 8.1

  • The easiest way to access the Reading list app is from its tile, which is shown on the Start screen.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

  • Alternatively, you can search for the app by typing the phrase reading list in the Search box, found on the Start screen. Next, choose the Reading List app from the list of search results that appeared.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

  • Another way to launch the application is through the Apps View. To bring up the Apps View move the cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen, right under the last tile on the first column. Then click the Down arrow to open up the Apps View. If you are using a touch-screen device, slide upwards to access the Apps view.
  • There you can find the Reading List app in the Productivity folder. Click or tap on its shortcut to open the app.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

Now that you opened the app let’s see how you can add contents.

Add Content in the Reading List app in Windows 8.1

First of all, you should know that you can only add contents, which you can view on the Internet Explorer app or on Windows Store apps, such as News and Travel. In other words, you cannot add contents from any desktop app or web browser.

  • If you want to add content from another app, you should open the content.
  • Then bring up the Charms bar by either pressing Win + C, or by swiping from the right edge of the screen to its centre.
  • Click or tap on the Share charm, where you will notice one or more sharing options for the content, according to the apps that are available in your Windows 8.1 device.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

  • Select the Reading List app. When you do it, the app will show you a preview of the content. Click or tap the Categorize drop-down menu to add the content to an existing category, or create a specific category for it.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

  • Once you have selected the category for your content, click or tap Add and the app will display it on the Today section.

NOTE: You can use this method to add contents from all Windows 8.1 apps.

Read Content from the Reading List app in Windows 8.1

Reading a content in this app is a quite simple process.

  • Firstly, open the Reading List app and click or tap on the article you want to read. Alternatively, right-click anywhere in the app or swipe upwards and then select one of the available categories.

NOTE: The content, which you have chose to read, will open in the location, from where you shared it with the app.

Add Categories in the Reading List app

The Reading List app allows you to customize its list of categories, depending on your preferences.

  • If you want to create a new category, right-click inside the app or swipe upwards. After this, click or tap Categories.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

  • Once you do this, all the available categories will display. Click or tap the plus sign ( + ) option.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

  • Type the desired name for your new category in the corresponding field and click or tap OK.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

The application gives you the chance to create categories for contents that are already stored within it. Moreover, you can right-click or press and hold and then slide downwards on any component. This action will open up a contextual menu on the bottom of the app’s screen, where you can change the category of an item and create a new one for it.

  • To do this, click or tap Categorize and then choose the New Category option from the list.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

  • Enter the name of the new category in the blank field and click or tap OK.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

Change the Category of Existing Item(s) in the Reading List app

You can possibly change the category of an existing component too.

  • Right-click or press and hold and then swipe downwards to select the desired content.
  • Then click or tap Categorise. From the list of categories choose the one, in which you want to place the content.

Screenshot - 6_3_2014 , 2_25_45 πμ

As you can see the Reading List is a rather helpful app, which offers you many features, so that you can view your favorite contents easily.