[Guide] Add custom Quick Settings tiles in Android Nougat

There has been a lot of talk about the new features brought by Android 7.0 Nougat but some of them were left outside the spotlight. One of the new additions that is definitely worthy of attention, but didn’t receive enough of it, is the ability to add custom Quick Settings tiles in Android Nougat.

This is part of a new system-wide API that lets developers make Quick Settings toggles for their apps. An even better use of the API is it makes it possible to create dedicated apps that allow you to create custom Quick Settings tiles.

How to add custom Quick Settings tiles in Android Nougat

These tiles can act like shortcuts or just toggles to certain app features. There are already several compatible apps that let you add custom Quick Settings tiles in Android Nougat, and below I’ll present the most notable ones as well as how they work.

Regardless which app you use to add custom Quick Settings toggles, you will find newly added tiles at the bottom of the Quick Settings panel. To change its position, simply long-press the tile, drag it to the dark grey section at the top of the menu and drop it to the location of your choice.

And if you added the tile to one of the first five slots of the Quick Settings panel, you can access it in the notification tray by swiping down  just once.


Price: Free

This free app lets you access home screen widgets from the Quick Settings panel. Just add a tile and choose the widget you want to be displayed when using the tile. Then, simply tap that tile and the widget will appear in a pop-up view.


Price: $1.49

Tiles is another interesting app you should take a look at if you want to add custom Quick Settings tiles in Android Nougat. It will cost you $1.49 but its extensive collection of Quick Settings toggles is worth the small price.

You can add tiles for launching your favorite apps, the calendar, a quick camera launcher and more.

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Weather Quick Settings Tile

Price: Free

Weather Quick Settings Tile is a simple app that lets you place the current weather in your Quick Settings panel. The app is free and very straightforward but there’s one small issue you should be aware of.

The new API allows apps to update their Quick Settings tiles when your phone boots or when you actually interact with them. So your weather Quick Settings tile cannot be automatically updated but the current weather conditions will update each time you tap on the Weather Quick Settings tile.

Have you tried to add custom Quick Settings tiles in Android Nougat and what apps are you using for this purpose?

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