How To: Add relationships to your contacts on Android

All of us know well how our close friends and family members are connected to each other, but when we expand our circle to acquaintances, coworkers and other people we don’t interact with on a regular basis, remembering such details is practically impossible.

The Contacts app in Android has this tiny yet very useful feature called Relationships – by assigning relationship to individual contacts you’ll have an easier time keeping track how two or more people are connected to each other. I see the Relationships feature being especially useful for business contacts. Here’s how to add relationship information to your contact cards.

  • Open the Contacts app and tap on a name to view its contact details. You can also create a new contact if such is the case.

Android Contacts app - Add relationship

  • Tap the Edit button (the pencil icon), scroll down and tap the Add Another Field option. A pop-up menu will show up, and you can choose the Relationship option from there.
  • In the Relationship text field, enter a person’s name. You’ll have to enter the complete name manually, even if that person is already in your Contacts list, since there’s no support for auto-complete available for this feature.
  • Now open the drop-down menu found next to the Relationship field and you’ll be able to choose from several relationships such as brother, sister, friend, manager and so on.

Android Contacts app - Add custom label

  • If you can’t find the relationship you wanted to add listed there, simply select the Custom option found at the bottom of the menu and then you’ll be able to add it. Tap OK to save it.

As you can see, adding Relationships to individual contact cards is very easy to do. Nevertheless you should be aware, contacts are not automatically linked by this feature. For example, if you update Jane’s contact card adding John as her husband there, that information won’t be reflected in John’s contact card. You’ll just have to enter it manually for both persons.

For someone who doesn’t have special needs when managing contacts, the Relationships feature is more than enough. However, if you’re a businessman trying to make sense out of your hefty contacts list, a third-party contacts manager with social media integration like Contacts+ is probably more useful in the long run.

Are you using the Relationships feature in your default Contacts app or you prefer to rely on a more feature-rich contacts manager?

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