[Guide] Add songs to Apple Watch’s memory

Since the Apple Watch was designed to be a companion for your iPhone it can be used to access the entire Music library available on your phone. Nevertheless, it is possible to add songs to Apple Watch’s memory if you have some favorite tunes available even if you leave your iPhone behind.

While you can sync songs to your Watch and play them without your smartphone, be aware you do need Bluetooth speakers or headphones for the purpose.

How to add songs to Apple Watch’s memory

If you want to add songs to Apple Watch’s memory so you can listen to them without your iPhone, here’s what you need to do.

add songs to Apple Watch's memory

On your iPhone, open the Music app and from the button bar, select the Library tab. To continue, tap on Playlists and make a new playlist then add the songs you want to sync to the Apple Watch.

After you create the playlist containing your favorite songs, you can exit the Music app and open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Locate the ‘Music’ option on the ‘My Watch’ screen and tap on it then select the ‘Synced Music’ option. On the next screen, select the playlist you just created.

It is also possible to set a storage limit for the songs you want to sync to the Watch from the ‘Storage Limit’ option.

Add songs to Apple Watch's memory

You might need to wait for a while for the playlist to sync with the Watch. When the process is complete, open the Music app on your Watch. Under the text saying ‘Choose a music source to play from’ tap on the Watch icon.

From then on your Watch will use its own library as a source for playing songs rather than from the iPhone. All you have left to do is navigate to My Music and play one of the songs you just synced to the Watch.

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